The trilateral contact group in Minsk on Wednesday to agree on the date of the exchange of prisoners

The trilateral contact group in Minsk on Wednesday may finally agree on a list of hostages and the date of their release. At least it is hoped the Ukrainian side, according to a story TSN.Night.

Videoreaction the contact group in Minsk will try to negotiate the exchange of hostages

TSN. Pdsmi day

29 Nov, 00:03

Kiev is ready to pay for their 74 306 prisoners of the separatists. This is the last proposal of Ukraine. Supported by the leaders of the so-called “LNR” and “DNR” earlier reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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The new leader of “LNR” announced his position regarding the exchange of prisoners

The hostage exchange was not more than a year. Process block the militants are demanding the release of criminals, not involved in the events in the ATO, and often do not confirm the fact of holding a person.

Fighters now recognize that being held hostage by 95 Ukrainians. But Kiev found – return home, wait a minimum of 162 Ukrainian. Just three and a half years of war from enemy captivity managed to release more than three thousand prisoners.