“We showed strength.” The source said about the initial reaction of Yanukovych in the bloody dispersal of the Maidan

The night of 30 November 2013 the then President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych spent in the company of dignitaries, and his first reaction to the violent dispersal by the Berkut students on the Maidan were the words: “We showed strength.”

About it Dnia said a source from the inner circle of the former President for special projects “On the other side of the Maidan”.

Yanukovych was then hunting in Sukholuchye, 70 kilometers from Kiev. Along with him were his predecessors – Leonid Kravchuk and Leonid Kuchma and the then people’s Deputy from Party of regions Vadim Novinsky, a few businessmen.

On the morning of Yanukovych tried to call the then head of the presidential Administration Sergey Liovochkin, but he was still on the hunt and didn’t answer. Yanukovych knew about what happened on the Maidan.

“We showed our strength and we will show it next,” – the words of Yanukovych on hunting the source of his inner circle.

Later Levochkin gave the President a letter of resignation and a CD with video of the beating of students. The presidential administration has prepared a draft statement with the announcement of the resignation of the Minister of internal Affairs Vitaly Zakharchenko, Yanukovich but the statement has not sounded.

The information coordination center of the Party of regions sent the then officials and deputies-regionals instructions on how to comment on a dispersal. Advised to say that you need to investigate the incident. The resignation of Liovochkin from the post of head of the AP was advised to explain the fact that he ordered the head of KCSA Alexander Popov to put a Christmas tree on the Maidan.

Recall from the events of the bloody crackdown at three o’clock in the center of Kiev four years have passed. Then the Berkut chasing students through the streets, beat Kiyko. Many of the activists took refuge in St. Michael’s Cathedral. The next day on the Maidan came almost a million Ukrainians, and that was the starting point to crowded protests in the capital.

More about the Euromaidan events, see the special project TsNII “On the other side of the Maidan”.

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