Chaly told what weapons Ukraine already receives from the United States

Ukraine already receives operational-tactical weapons, including grenade launchers from the United States.

In an interview with “Radio Liberty” said the Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly.

“I can only say that all contracts that exist, are in the framework of international law. And Ukraine, as a country, have adequately met the requirements of export control has the right to purchase arms. The list is broad, but limited to tactical weapons, lethal including. So I’m surprised to hear from some of our politicians that America is not providing weapons. America gives weapons, but this weapon is tactical. Is the next step in deepening the cooperation and obviously more powerful signal of Russia”, – he said.

Videothe Wall Street Journal reported on the U.S. to supply lethal weapons Ukraine

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10 Nov, 12:22

According to Chaly, the President of the United States Donald trump will sign a bill to provide Ukraine $ 50 million to lethal weaponry that has already passed Congress and the Senate this year.

“As for providing more powerful lethal weapons, it is an individual decision that should be taken by the President, all preparations have been held to date. It is a political decision, and it will be made with an eye to the national interests of the United States. We hope that our arguments that the provision of such weapons before the presidential election in Russia, is very important and will become an additional lever of influence will be heard”, – said the Ambassador.

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In the U.S. Senate announced the terms of granting Ukraine lethal weapons

“Washington – a clear position on Ukraine in terms of joint security in Europe, and therefore of the sovereignty, territorial integrity of Ukraine… Or is it strategy for many years to come? I wouldn’t say that. The strategy for decades no, but in relation to the actions for the next years and to support Ukraine, such a position is, and it is consolidating”, – concluded Chaly.

Earlier, the U.S. Senate approved the budget with the possibility of lethal weapons to Ukraine.

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