Fear or hypnosis: Kiev obediently give in the streets money and gold counter crook

In Kiev several years, one scheme is a fraud. It fits on the streets with the question ofhow to go somewhere, and then strikes up a conversation, says the story TSN.19:30.

“He says I know that you are very sick,” says Julia cheated. Her passerby Stepanida Fillipovna “hyped” for gold jewelry and 500 hryvnia. Them counter the woman started to do manipulation because the father of Julia supposedly suffering from the damage induced and may soon die. “I gave her in hand, she somehow blew the focus. And neither coin money, nor gold,” – said the victim. This exact trick describes another from Kiev named Faith. This woman meeting with the swindler was worth 1,500 hryvnia.

Video settings in Kiev said the fraud, which causes people to voluntarily give jewelry and money

TSN. 19:30

4 Dec, 19:57

Online described dozens of cases of meetings in Kiev with the fraud. Deceived people let a random friend when she promised that per hour money and things will be in place. When this does not happen, people are fooled appealed to the police. There have instructed business units to look at the woman of small stature with brown eyes, about 60 years. “This situation is analyzed, we received one statement on this issue”, – says the police.

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Victims of speculators believe that they were hypnotized, but the hypnotherapist Alex Shautsou is convinced that without this – money was given out of fright. “Waving his hands, go there, go here, touches – and the man does not understand what is happening, and I do fear,” says the expert. In his opinion, Ukrainians have become victims of scams due to excessive carelessness, kindness, desire to help and a blind faith in curses and other magical things. “A stranger approaches – need to involve the brain”, he warns. The Board of hypnotherapist: if you stop and ask some simple question – answer and leave. The problem starts as soon as speculators realize that they were able to confuse a potential victim.

The TSN correspondent Natalia Goncharova

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