The leaders of the militants to block the restoration of power supply in the Donbass

The leaders of the ORDO and ORLO block the restoration of civilian infrastructure in the Donbass, with the result that the local population is suffering.

More than two weeks the residents of the village may (Donetsk region) left without centralized power, which was terminated as a result of damage to power lines from NZF ORDO, the press center of staff ATO.

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In a similar situation were residents of the village of Katerynivka (Luhansk region).

“The Ukrainian side has organized and provided all necessary facilities for repairs. In turn, the leaders of the ORDO and ORLO intentionally block restoring damaged power lines and brazenly declare that “they repair is inexpedient”, – stated in the message.

The restoration of power supply of settlements of the may and Katerynivka blocked leaders of the ORDO and ORLO cynical blackout…

Published by the Press center of staff ATO 1 Dec 2017

In turn, because of the deteriorating weather conditions and lower temperatures, the living conditions of the inhabitants of these settlements are deteriorating daily.

Thus, the leadership of the ORDO and ORLO neglect the interests of the civilian population on both sides of the line of contact violating the Minsk agreement and destabilizie the situation in the Donbass.

Recall, the soldiers of the 54th brigade celebrated the third anniversary of your battle formation to dismissal and May Mladosovice. Local residents are not protesting, but not everybody is happy with the change, wait for the further development of his life.

Videowebsite Gorlovka terrorists are actively relocating additional military equipment

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