The Ukrainian government has approved the introduction of a unified system of maintenance budgets

On 1 December the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the resolution “On amending resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 23 April 2014 № 117”, that must provide pre-payment for the purchase of equipment, software, services for installation and configuration of services for adaptation unified platform, maintenance budgets as “E-Treasury” for the purpose of implementation of centralized Treasury services accounts for revenues for the State Treasury service.

About it reports a press-service of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

The main purpose of this system is to introduce a centralized Treasury model of service accounts that will flow into the State Treasury service. As “Je-Treasury” will contribute to strengthening information security in the internal payment system of the Treasury.

Thanks to the local budgets will have the opportunity to monitor revenues in real time without visiting on of the Exchequer.

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Also as “I-Treasury” will allow to reduce expenses on support of the territorial sites of information processing; to streamline business processes of accounting and payment, give them an opportunity to make management decisions based on operational information generated in real time; will make possible the full integration with the accounting systems of the State fiscal service of Ukraine (E-office payer).

We will remind that earlier the Ministry of Finance proposed the introduction of a new tax for business. The bill the Ministry of Finance worked together with the business experts and MPs.

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