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In the twenty-first century, in the information age, the Ukrainians no longer be a surprise. Every year they become more and more convinced that sex shops do not go perverts, and ordinary people for a change in your personal life or even on prescription. But still, because of the post-Soviet mentality, they are more reserved and stesniteljnie Chinese or Dutch. A now and go to sex shops under the guise of “I’m buying friend”, the consultants see it all through, but are understanding.

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Especially the Ukrainians are attacking sex shops before the holidays, and sweep everything off the shelves. The International day of sex TSN.ia found out who is the main customer in the stores “strawberry” and exactly what prefer men and women of Ukraine. The owner of the shop says that most often come in pairs, but sometimes men buy gifts for their mistresses, and women take their own toys for a long time when left alone.

The excitement for the holidays

In this area there is also a “season” of sales. The owner of one of the capital’s sex shops said that the biggest excitement happens before the Valentine’s Day and New year.

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“In General, if seasonal, what the night is longer, the more such products are becoming popular. In the summer, for example, less demand, probably due to the holiday and the fact that many begin to gather their children to school. Peak autumn-winter period, the nights are getting long and people spend more time in bed.”

Also, the flow of buyers increases significantly after the release of some new movie or book like “50 shades of grey”.

“After the premiere, people were full, the pair came together and chose different collars, whips and everything that was in the movie”.

The preferences of men

A lot of people come in pairs – a pair, not separate men and women. Men are more considerate, they come specifically for something they know they should, but the girls are all interesting, to touch, to smell, to see.

Often take different attachments and cock rings. Lately become very popular to use prostate massagers. They are very good and while using completely imitate the movement of a finger of a physician. If a man once he tries, he will use this always.

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“Men often come, buy something to his wife, and then come and buy already the same thing to his mistress. If the wives checked already.”

Preferences of women

Girls can come for one, these stereotypes, something standard, but as you’ll see that there’s a lot of all, in the end, will leave with a very different.

The most popular is, of course, were and still are the vibrators. What exactly changed in the preferences of Ukrainians is the fact that they no longer have to choose not anatomical shape and various types. For example, bright and different colors, all custom. From classic standards, the Ukrainians have retreated, perhaps something scary in it.

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Often come to us women take for men masturbators. For example, to those not jumped in the sack, they just take such toys.

Women differently behave in a sex shop, they take the small size. When their husband goes on a business trip, they are afraid of even greater size to buy, always say, “No, I smaller-less”. But there is physiology, and it is a myth that the size and thickness depends on something.

Ukrainians are not far behind from innovations high-tech

The most popular among women vibrostimulator with the stick, where there is storage of 4 GB and 8 GB, which is charged via USB. Very convenient. But there is still the same, only in the form of lipstick, if the purse think, one do not understand.

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On such novelties Ukrainians do not spare the money and choose the best, but a rubber cast of priests, which vibrates, and 3D glasses do not buy, because too expensive – 20 thousand hryvnias.

The rich have their quirks. For example, there is a glamorous butt plugs. They are “diamonds” and made entirely of medical steel in the color gold.

From the latest high-tech novelties there is a special vibrator for partners. Using Bluetooth partner can control the device from anywhere in the world. The consultant notes that this is one of the most popular toys among Ukrainians.

Also from the latest innovations Ukrainians sometimes buy products made from cyber skin. However, not as often as everything else. The consultant suggests that they are simply afraid of this similarity with the natural male genitals. On the touch and appearance is almost indistinguishable from the anatomical.

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Products for health

Here come not only for toys and sexy lingerie, but also in the direction of a physician. There are special products that help maintain the health of the women and men. For example, a simulator that helps to tone up vaginal muscles. In the instructions you can even see what have a personal trainer. The consultant says if these balls to use for 30-40 minutes while walking, the tone of the muscles growing after 2-3 months.

In turn men take pump. They help in medical purposes, and everyday.

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“Men, they are generally very necessary. As for me, I can even say that when such pumps are, the much better sensitivity, erection, and the General tone of all will be. To increase – this is a controversial issue. These pumps just increase the pumping time, then all as always. However, these pumps doctors recommend more precisely with the medical purpose”.

Unknown facts

All masturbators usually it is someone else’s impressions. This applies to both female and male.

“For example, we have a series masturbator with porn star Bonnie Roten. She is very famous”.

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For the brave there is the size of XXL – 30 and 45 cm in length.

The cheap Dildo is 129 UAH – is from the Ukrainian manufacturer. For comparison, the most expensive of the Western model is about 10 thousand hryvnia. To touch Ukrainian, old, hard, plastic doll. About the quality, it is difficult to say, because the price is too low.

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