Juicy the Peruvian and Ukrainian women with wasp waist. What a body this sublimely supple think in different countries

International company Fit Rated, involved in the supply of equipment for fitness, conducted the study and found what it looks like in different countries , the ideal female body.

Fitness experts decided to undertake an experiment to prove to women that the fashion for thinness is unhealthy – abnormal.

Designers from 15 countries gave a photo of a normal 28-year-old girl and asked with Photoshop to bring her body to the standards of the ideal citizens of their States.

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After working as photo editors, designers in most made hip models wider. In General, the standards of an ideal body in countries were different – in Asia prefer slimmer girls, but in Mexico, Peru and Argentina chose women with more rounded shapes. Perfect Ukrainian designers drew the owner of a thin waist and wide hips.

Fit Rated

Experts point out that fitness should do to maintain health and combat stress, and not for the sake of perfect appearance. After all, the study showed that the absolute does not exist.

Earlier, the Networking has gained popularity flashmob owners of a slim waist. Girls compare the size of your waist with a sheet of A4 paper with a width of 21 cm.

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