Underestimated the power of the Internet: an American is forced to go to the University dressed like a Christmas tree

American student, underestimating the power of the Internet, forced to go to school in the costume of the Christmas tree before the end of the semester.

Kelsey Hall, a student at the University of Alabama, decided to make a joke on the social network Twitter and posted a picture dressed as a Christmas tree, signed: “If this record type 1000 retweets I’ll wear it in the classroom until the end of the semester,” reports Mashable.

1,000 retweets and I’ll wear this to all my classes for the rest of the semester pic.twitter.com/uzIDepK43k

— Kelsey Hall (@kelseyhall1313) December 3, 2017

In turn, her tweet went viral. The photo was distributed more than 1,000 times on the first day.

However, the girl will wear a costume all week because classes at the University of Alabama has come to an end. However, she wrote that the incident – “the biggest failure in life.”

“What’s your biggest regret in life?” Me: This https://t.co/qU4O0opsZ6

— Kelsey Hall (@kelseyhall1313) 4 Dec 2017

Hall said that he decided to keep his promise. And even tried to look for the positive.

For example, she likes to hear, “Oh, I revtim” also, Hall is glad that this situation happened to her at the end of the semester and it can defuse a tense atmosphere in the classroom.

Thank you to everyone who helped put my friend reach her goal!! You have no idea how much this means to me!!!!!!!!! (: @katbielinski) pic.twitter.com/MObXGeenGA

— Lucy Sweetall (@lucetheguce) 4 Dec 2017

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