The network has subdued a man who left an indentation in his head after a severe sunburn

American Cade Hakaba became an Internet star thanks to one tweet that the man placed the 5th of December. “One time I shaved my head, got some sunburn and a little swollen,” wrote the man and complements the publication of the photos.

One time I shaved my head, got severely sunburned, & swelled up just a little bit 🙂

— Cade Huckabay (@CadeHuckabay) 5 Dec 2017

They show that golava 21-year-old man becomes very red and then swells up. The man touches the forehead with his finger and the head is hollow like a head made of jelly.

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The man told Mashable that considers this situation to be very funny, because it’s not every day we can make a dent in his head. Also Cade said on Twitter that the whole day could not touch the skin, and the softness gone only for 3-4 days.

In spite of the pain of others, Internet users are unable to contain the barrage of jokes.

Bro I’m dead

— Youahoe’Chris Thomas (@_CT4k) 5 Dec 2017

Oh my why do I do these things

— Ice Blue (@AguaIceBlue) 5 Dec 2017

I can definitely see the resemblance but I have about a head and a half on him here

— Cade Huckabay (@CadeHuckabay) 5 Dec 2017

— I’m try’na see the whole tiddy (@SNARLE_MARX) 6 Dec 2017

Bad init looks like Bear Grylls when he gets stung

— Nick Jnr. (@N1ckwalt0n) 6 Dec 2017

Tweet Cade has collected more than 100,000 retweets and 300,000 likes. The man replied to all the pranksters: “I’m glad we all had a good laugh with my pain, haha. A lot of people made me laugh at all the comparisons and the joke is stronger than ever.”

Though the Internet laughs with sunburn, in Ukraine, sunscreen will not need in the coming weeks. Gidrometcentr reports about the deteriorating weather conditions. In the Western and Central regions is expected wet snow and ice on the roads.

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