The police suspected employees of the Bank in collusion with 37 banks

National police officials of the National Bank of Ukraine in malpractice during the procedure of additional capitalization of Ukrainian banks 37.

This is stated in the decision of Shevchenkovsky district court of Kiev.

“During the implementation of pre-judicial investigation it is established that in the period 2016 – 2017, officials of the Department of inspections, the banking supervision Department and licensing Department of the NBU acting deliberately and in concert with each other, from mercenary motives, with the purpose of personal illegal enrichment while in cahoots with the owners and managers of commercial banks, abusing contrary to the interests of the service as its official position, do not perform their duties in verifying the origin of funds allocated for capitalization of banks, reliably knowing about the mismatch of their origin specified in the documents”, – stated in the decree of the court.

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In General, the investigation is conducted on signs of the crime provided by h. 2 art. 364 of the Criminal code of Ukraine – abuse of power or official position which entailed heavy consequences.

According to investigators, officials authentically knew about the disparity between the origin of the funds specified in the documents.

Thus, the court allowed access to the documents of the NBU, and all 37 banks that are the subject of investigation.

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In the case where banks are “bogus”, “Creditinvestment”, “Vernum Bank”, “Avangard”, “international investment Bank”, “Agropromservis Bank”, “Poltava-Bank”, “Concord”, “Settlement center”, “New”, “trust-capital”, “Office”, “okci Bank”, “Commercial Industrial Bank”, “Sich”, “Artbank”, “Portal”, “Cominvestbank”, “Financial partner”, “Ayboks Bank”, “Alpari Bank”, “Gefest”, “Kristalbank”, “Industrial-financial Bank”, “Polikombank”, “Region-Bank”, “Ukrainian capital”, “accordbank”, “Land Capital”, “Credit Optima Bank”, “Metabank”, “Motor Bank”, “Citibank”, “Ukrainian Bank of reconstruction and development”, “ukrstroyinvest”, “Family Bank”, “Bank Center”.

Recall from the beginning of the banking crisis in 2014 when the number of banks was reduced by half because of the bankruptcy, the direct costs of Ukraine on settlement of the situation accounted for 14% of GDP. Problems in the banking sector of Ukraine was formed over the last few years, and were the result of the financial crisis of 2008-2009, to which domestic regulators have not managed to cope.

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