Hungary officially lost the language dispute with Ukraine in the Venice Commission – Ministry of education

The Venice Commission came to the conclusion that the role of the state language can not be questioned, and is fully compliant with all international legal instruments international and regional organizations.

This is stated in the statement of the Ministry of education of Ukraine after the results at the final meeting of the Venice Commission on 8 December 2017.

“The Ministry of education welcomed the consistent position of the Commission in the matter of the place and role of the state language in the educational process. Defining the role of the state language can not be questioned, and is fully compliant with all international legal instruments international and regional organizations. We are grateful to the Venice Commission in support of its position”, – stated in the message.

In particular, the main thesis of conclusion is the fact that article 7 is a framework and is subject to further detail, in particular in the Law “On General secondary education”. The education Ministry has agreed with this conclusion.

“Together with the national communities of the Ministry of education will work to further develop various approaches to teaching minority, taking into account their educational needs. The main objective is to provide sufficient knowledge of both state and native languages”, – stressed in the relevant ministries.

In addition, the Commission adopted the reasoning of the Ukrainian side regarding the accusations, though the language of the Law “On education” restricts the rights of members of national minorities. The Commission noted that the content and scope of the rights belong exclusively to the competence of the constitutional Court of Ukraine, and a number of questions concerning the use of languages should be addressed by special laws. Thus, the charge on the part of Hungary not supported.

Videotecnica Hungarians in Transcarpathia are outraged through the educational act and almost do not understand the Ukrainian language

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While the Commission recommended that “extending the transition period for the implementation of the article.”

“So, now the Law “On education” indicates that the full force of the language in the article should join in 2020. The Ministry of education and science of Ukraine agreed that, from the pedagogical point of view, the extension of the transition period is reasonable and will fully support this recommendation. The Commission also stressed that Ukraine should make maximum use of the capabilities of the paragraph 4 of article 7 that the Ministry of education plans to make”, – declared in the Ministry of education of Ukraine.

The Ministry of education also urged partners-neighbors in a constructive dialogue.

The official withdrawal will be published by the Venice Commission on 11 December.

We will remind, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Hungary called on to send in the Transcarpathian oblast the permanent OSCE mission for observation in connection with the “tense” situation and allegedly univerersity sentiments.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said the Hungarian counterpart péter Szijjártó at a meeting of foreign Ministers in Vienna that the number of representatives of the Hungarian minority in the Transcarpathian region is constantly decreasing and at present is not even 100 thousand.

In the Hungarian foreign Ministry has named two conditions for the solution of the conflict with Ukraine around educational law, which, in the opinion of the Hungarians, violates the rights of national minorities in Transcarpathia. This is the position of ethnic Hungarians and the rights of the minority.

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