I do not want anyone. Corban shared with Saakashvili’s personal experience of stay in the remand prison of the SBU

The former leader of the party “DILL” Gennady Korban gave some advice to temporarily concluded in the remand prison of the SBU Askold lane, where is Mikheil Saakashvili.

As we know, Korban and Saakashvili through mass media has repeatedly staged a verbal altercation.

So, on his page in Facebook wrote seven tips for staying in the detention center, the first of which was the relationship with the staff.

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“Dispense with the prison officers politely, do not try to vent on them the indignation. This simple , ordinary people with a modest salary, outwardly reserved , but to the extent good-natured. Do not make them incorrect sentences – they’re in the service, and it’s just their job. Don’t complain unnecessarily, and do not disturb them without reason,” he said.

The second item was the life, and the third is sleep.

“The availability of warm clothes and clothes definitely. While in jail Askold warm enough. Shower once a week, but you can contact the authorities and you can afford to bathe more often. Facilities for washing better to have your own. The kitchen leaves much to be desired – not Michelin, of course. But products can be obtained in the form of transfer in disposable packages… Sleep. Probably this is the biggest problem in this establishment. Night light does not turn off, in this regard, it is necessary to transfer the prison administration of filament lamp with power not exceeding 20 Wat. Eye patch for sleeping allowed. I recommend also to contact the companies for additional mattresses, as morning experiencing painful bones and joints,” – said Korban.

Some tips temporarily for prisoners in the remand prison of the SBU Askold… 1. The relationship with the staff. …

Gennady Korban published on 9 December 2017.

In the fourth paragraph he, however, noted that the time in prison is slow. Since the cell is allowed TV and reading books, it helps to get rid of Facebook addiction.

“Communication with investigators and lawyers. Ask the lawyers to come more often, because being alone acute lack of live communication. Try to avoid meetings with representatives of the investigation. Avoid finding yourself in the camera – it is against the law. Do not sign any papers without a lawyer present. Don’t settle for donating blood,” – said in the point 5.

As for morale, in the opinion of the Korban, it is important to remain calm.

“Faith. Even if you illegally kept in the investigative ward , you must believe that justice will prevail sooner or later, evil will be punished and will return a hundredfold to your oppressors and abusers, not to mention traitors. Always be sure that he is not simpleton. I sincerely do not want anyone to use this statement in practice, only in the case of a desperate situation”, – summed up the Korban.

Recall that in 2015 the former head of the Odessa regional state administration Mikhail Saakashvili in Chernigov came to verbal sparring with the people’s Deputy Boris Filatov, calling the latter “pumped bastard.” Then the city passed by-election of MP at 205 th district. Saakashvili was walking down the street together with the Pro-government candidate Sergei Berezenko, where he met with Filatov, who supported candidature Gennady Korban, the main opponent Berezanka. The skirmish lasted just under a minute. Filatov asked Berezanka, all of the money he gave, to which he replied that he had no money. Then, the MP has called the candidate “a young rascal” and a “cynical bastard”. Saakashvili stood up for Berezanka and called Filatova “pumped fuck” and “bandit”. Later, the members of the team Gennady Korban accused Saakashvili of foul play and poorly hidden agitation for Pro-governmental candidate.

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