Second arrest Saakashvili. Five things you might oversleep

Five things you could have slept:

1. Former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine David Sakvarelidze reported the arrest of the leader of the “Movement of new forces” of Mikheil Saakashvili. “Detained Michael. Taking the SBU on Askold!”, – posted by ally Saakashvili in Facebook, referring to a detention facility of the SBU Askold lane. Read more⇒

2. The former chief of police of the Luhansk region Yuri Mockingbird in the comments Dnia confirmed that the leader of the “Movement of new forces,” Mikheil Saakashvili, was detained at his home.According to Pokerparty, the politician was treated. “The man is sick, we evacuated him and gave him medical care as a person,” said former chief of police of Lugansk region, refusing further comment. Read more⇒

3. The former chief of police of the Luhansk region police officer retired Yuri Mockingbird in the apartment who was detained Mikheil Saakashvili, States that he can liquidate. According to him, it want to expose and make guilty in the detention of Saakashvili, so he was arrested. “Knowing me, I’d look for a traitor, can be eliminated. I’d rather be now felt in prison,” wrote Mockingbird. Read more⇒

4. Arrested by the police politician Mhel Saakashvili declared a hunger strike. About this night of the 9th of December, the jail building in Kiev, where the investigation was taking place, said his lawyer Ruslan Chernolutsky. According to zahidniy if the measure of restraint for Saakashvili elected to the 60-day arrest will continue the hunger strike “harder” and refuse forced feeding. Read more⇒

5. Prosecutors will holocaustomata before court about election of a measure of restraint for the detainee Mhala Saakashvili in the form of house arrest wearing an electronic bracelet. This was reported by press Secretary of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Larisa Sargan. Read more⇒

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