Dolce & Gabbana and Moschino sew clothes without a label Made in Ukraine

The cost of tailoring in Ukraine was four times below the Chinese, and for manufacturing products for international brands, domestic seamstress receives only 0.5% of the price of things in European boutiques. The vast majority of Ukrainian factories working for export, says the story TSN.19:30.

In Pervomaisk the Nikolaev area at a garment factory employs three hundred people that produce real clothes Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino and other well-known brands. Workers rejoice in the fact that our working conditions are good and wages are fully “white”. Ordering give from Germany, France and other countries, along with fabric, patterns, buttons, zippers and the like. The whole production process is strictly controlled by the manufacturer should be held accountable for every meter of the material consumed.

Videotransit garment factory sew branded clothing for export to Europe

TSN. 19:30

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Inside ready-to-wear glued and stitched label with the brand and information on the care of the product. The desired level of Made in Ukraine not a single kit no. “Maybe shy. I do not know” – I assume factory workers. To hang price tags on Packed clothing customers are not shy – as a rule, there are three-digit numbers in Euro, from 100 to 400. Of these, the factory get yourself a minuscule – about 10 euros. The material is more expensive labor, but the total price is still a trifle.

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Experts explain that the fabrics, cutting, sewing, and packaging and even transportation – at least overseas – is only a third of the price of the finished product. This means that with every UAH 1,000, which the buyer spends in the shop for a dress or a shirt, a 700 is not the manufacturer and the brand. “Brands get millions in profits, and these are the people who actually create the goods, they live at risk of poverty”, – says Oksana Dutchak, co-author of the study, which the European campaign for fair clothes for the first time held in Ukraine. Activists organize pickets branded stores, forcing them to pay more to producers from the third world.

Conditions of work in Ukrainian factories is not better than in Asia: the average salary in the industry is 2700 UAH (at the factory in Pervomaysk under 8000 UAH), it is comparable to Bangladesh or Macedonia. But in China the similar indicator at least four times – now it’s not cheap labor, because there salary is in the range of 450-700 dollars. However, demand from brands is more Ukrainian producers are not at risk. “Here we had a firm Gelco, a good firm, but Macedonia gave them a little cheaper, and they’re all sewn in Ukraine, moved to Macedonia” – said the Director of garment factory Eugene dyrdyn horodyschens.

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Ukrainian specialists of light industry looking for a better life in other areas, or on the profile, but in other countries. The last way to Vasilisa, who now works in Poland for the same work and receives five times more than at home. “Poles go to Germany, England, where they can earn more – we go to Poland. We now model those poles who went to work. I wonder who will be the Ukrainians to replace,” she says.

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