During the year, the index vegetable basket grew by 22%. Infographics

In the past year in Ukraine by 22% increase in the index of vegetable basket. Most – half percentage has risen carrots (64%) and beets (55%). Also added to the price of onion by 23%, cabbage and potatoes – 15%.

During the year, the carrots added 2.5 UAH, beet – UAH 2, onion – 1 UAH, potatoes – 80 cents, and cabbage – 50 cents. Now a kilo of carrots can be bought in average of almost UAH 6,4, beets – at UAH 5,6, Luke – 5, 2 grn, cabbage – 4.1 UAH, potatoes – by 5.8 UAH. About this said the head of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko.

“If, in General, to estimate the cost of the vegetable basket with the beginning of the year, as of December 1 it was UAH 27,1, whereas a year ago, its rate was of 22.3 UAH. That is the index of the vegetable basket grew by 22%,” – said Doroshenko.

In a vegetable basket included potatoes, cabbage, carrots, beets and onions, bought by the kilogram.

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