Installments from “Veneto” — a comfortable sleep.


Now healthy sleep is a luxury available to everyone.

Today joke about the fact that the excess becomes necessary if it can be bought in installments, takes on a new meaning. Premium quality products, “Veneto” since 1993 are in our country, the synonyms of the standard of a healthy lifestyle.

And from the beginning of 2017, it has become more accessible through innovations — the introduction of a mechanism of direct installment. Timeliness to market of this financial product is obvious.

Despite the unstable economic situation in the country, Ukrainians are not ready to save on your health, and therefore spend on these necessities in 2017, an average of about 6.1 per cent of the family budget. But they can only defer 6% of earnings, that is, the process of accumulation of money for major purchases may be delayed. Therefore, such a convenient tool of a phased payment, as installment, perfectly matches the purchasing behavior of Ukrainians who want to shop as carefully with all the financial mechanisms to reduce their budget.

A low level of confidence in the banking system and negative experience of use of Bank loans tatively “zero credit” pushed “Veneto” to introduce direct installment became an exclusive offer on the national market of goods for sleep. This service is provided on behalf of the seller without privlecheniya third parties in the face of banks. This is due to its benefits.

First, the cost of the purchase for the sum from 5 000 to 30 000 UAH. returning parts and unlike a loan without interest. After all, even a nominal interest rate of commercial loans is 0.01%.

Secondly, the installment from the “Veneto” save money, such as the Commission upon receipt of the goods or the fee for insurance.

Third, rapid clearance and simplified procedure of obtaining is required to provide only an income statement.

Fourth, the short period of debt repayment (up to one year) with the possibility of early payments does not drive the client in a “debt trap” for several years, as with consumer credit.

Finally, the ability to easily and quickly exchange the item if necessary, or return the money if the item is returned. In addition, the convenient installment from the “Veneto” allows you to purchase promotional products. That is, paying 35% of the cost of goods in cash in the store or by making a payment through the Bank on the basis of the invoice, you can enjoy a healthy sleep now, and the money to pay later — and no no money no honey. So, no need to put off until tomorrow what you want to buy today.

Healthy sleep with “Veneto” — the pleasure for which you pay as you wish!


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