The German company has become a co-investor of construction of the RC “Novopecherski tower” in the heart of Pechersk

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A co-investor of construction of residential-office complex “Novopecherski tower”, which is being built in the Pechersk district of Kiev – on Maple lane, 7, 7-A, 7-B; Kikvidze, 41, 41-43, was the leading German architectural and construction company “Möser GmbH”.

According to the head of a co-investor and customer of the construction company “Grand Lool” Alexander Semenishev, Kiev familiar with this complex under the name of ZHK “Panorama”. But, while reviewing the quality and image characteristics of the residential complex after the arrival of the foreign investor, the decision was made to rebrand the name in connection with the update of the project concept. So there was a “Novopecherski tower.” Renaming a project is not the only change – the complex is in the process of radical innovations.

“The arrival of the German co-investment and architectural construction company” Möser GmbH ” has extensive experience in the construction of housing for the Europeans, marks not declarative, but real European tradition, cosiness and comfort of the European level. Our partners put it the main requirement for housing,” – emphasizes Alexander Semenishev.

He added that the partners approve the basic requirement of the Ukrainian side in the direction of affordability.

“I will say more: the arrival of the German co-investor allows you to make a housing complex more accessible for the Ukrainians”, – says the head of the Ukrainian company.

LCD “Novopecherski Vezha” is a 26-storey building, which includes 2 sections for 2 the entrances to the residential part of the house. From 1st to 24th floors -, one -, two-, three-, four-room apartments, 25-26 floors – duplex apartment. Minimum total floor area of the complex is 30 sq m and a maximum total area of 150 sq m.

Used during the construction of the best energy-saving technologies with the use of ecological materials.

The constructive scheme of the building: monolithic reinforced concrete frame. Apply the system of ventilated facades with insulation of walls with mineral wool.

Roof: flat roof, roll, three-layer.

The number of elevators in the residential part of the complex: there are 2 elevators with a lifting capacity of 630 kg and 1 lift capacity 1000 kg in each section.

To ensure maximum thermal insulation in the house uses Windows with 5-chamber profile REHAU EURO 70, German-made double glazing GLASTRIS, Switzerland. It’s not just Windows, but a whole system that combines the function of energy saving and reflective (sun) glasses, and enhanced resistance to wind loads that will appeal to residents of the upper floors of buildings.

And one more pleasant detail – external glass the glass has the effect of reflectivity and allows you to admire the view and be absolutely sure that everything that happens in the house in the daytime will not be visible from the street.

In addition to the main Parking lot, has a guest Parking Parking and charging for electric vehicles. On the roof of the complex will be equipped with solar panels for lighting common areas. A European design of entrances and floors creates additional comfort for the residents “Novopecherski tower.”

The complex has a unique feature – indoor Playground for children and a strong transparent Elevator that connects local area and children’s play area, and is also used for easy descent strollers, and toys.

For residents of the LCD, which adhere to a healthy and active lifestyle, build free gym equipped with sports facilities.

While free in the complex are about 60% of the apartments.

European class housing will serve European. German investors see this as the meaning of their participation in Ukraine, namely in the draft LCD “Novopecherski tower.” Introducing high European standards in housing construction, the German partners are ready to continue to monitor compliance after the completion of construction and further exploitation of the complex – they say in OOO “Grand Lool”.

According to the agreement with the company “Möser GmbH” maintenance of the complex will be engaged in operating a company which will work according to high European standards of the maintenance and upkeep of the housing.

More information about the acquisition of real estate in the LCD “Novopecherski tower” in official sales Department at the following address: m. Kyiv, street of M. Boychuk (Kikvidze), 41. Tel .: +38 044-333-60-02.

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