Two scandals that have hurt Ukraine. The harsh reaction of the West and evaluation of experts

Ukraine this week has strained the civilized world a new political detective story, which in places resembled a show.

Two political flame burning for a long time, independently from each other. This week they decided to put out at the same time, however, it seems that instead of water pumped gasoline, and the lesions began fires. The name of the first Georgian politician Mikheil Saakashvili. Several open cases against him did not prevent him from defiantly go against the Ukrainian President, existing laws and law enforcement agencies. Everyone knew that the government long such a situation will not be tolerated, but a way of neutralizing the ex-President of Georgia and leader of the “Movement of new forces” and the person without citizenship reputation hit more power than could do that Saakashvili himself.

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A few blocks from where Saakashvili played hands, the attorney General Lutsenko from the parliamentary tribune has charged him with terrible accusations. Anti-presidential campaign, according to Lutsenko, the President arrange for the money henchman Yanukovych, the oligarch Sergey Kurchenko. In the Verkhovna Rada, the Prosecutor General has released video of the transfer of money to authorized persons and records of telephone conversations.

According to investigators, the purpose of Saakashvili come to power in Ukraine, Kurchenko goal is to get back the business assets. Searches and detentions have discovered the passport of Saakashvili, he said, was in the Administration Poroshenko, as well as stacks of incriminating documents. “Together with him was arrested a bag with documents, which clearly showed where the money was spent Kurchenko – bus, TV, food, bribing various individuals, including journalists,” – said Lutsenko.

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While the attorney General talked about this, Saakashvili had already been captured from law enforcement officers and hid in a tent camp near the Parliament. There was the only place where he could avoid arrest.

Attempts by Saakashvili after being accused of receiving dirty money, to urge Ukraine to revolt was almost no response. The politician did not become those who can represent the General discontent with the Central government.

“Together with the fact that he kills all the protesters, creates activity, that helps no one, it’s rated power because she looks pathetic in light of the fact that you can’t do nothing,” – said economic expert Sergey Fursa.

Night storms the tent camp and other adventures of the elusive Saakashvili received a huge number of hits on the Internet and on television. The night his wife picked up and placed to the remand prison of the SBU. The wording sounds unpleasant: “for the assistance of members of the criminal organizations”. Until the end of Monday, December 11, the court will choose the measure of restraint.


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“To apply for round-the-clock house arrest with electronic bracelet tracking. These are the intentions of the investigation at this point,” said attorney General Lutsenko.

“It is now clear that he was not deported. 100%. Not yet investigating the case. And it can last for months,” – said political analyst Alexei holomuzki.

The reaction of the foreign partners of Ukraine have been restrained and limited to calls and security forces, and Saakashvili to adhere to the rule of law. Although the Western allies did not become anyone’s side – reputational losses from this scandal Ukraine can not be avoided.

All this happened amid another scandal, which the West reacted much sharper. We are talking about total mistrust of the law enforcement system of Ukraine.

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The attorney-General of the UN office close to the President, continued to accuse the anti-corruption bodies in the illegality of the actions, and the head of the presidential faction in Parliament with like-minded people in the coalition has suddenly submitted a draft law that would allow you to instantly eliminate fighters from office. There was no doubt that MPs, including many actual and potential “customers” of NABOO, quickly vote for it.

International partners do not have to tolerate and the presidential team got a lightning strike.

“The Ukrainian government must intensify its efforts to ensure the independence, operational capacity and full efficiency of anti-corruption institutions. The work of these structures must not be undermined, but strengthened,” reads the EU statement.

“Recent events, including the failure of the investigation of corruption at the high level, the arrest of employees of the NABU and the seizure of confidential documents to the NAB, have raised concerns about Ukraine’s commitment to the fight against corruption. These actions, apparently, are part of efforts to undermine an independent anti-corruption institutions, which assisted the United States and other countries. They undermine public trust and threaten international support for Ukraine”, – noted in the United States.

Most clearly expressed the us Secretary of state Tillerson: “Ukraine has no reason to fight for your body in the Donbass, if she will lose her soul for corruption”.

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Were consonant with the statements and creditors of Ukraine, the world Bank and the International monetary Fund. Kiev did not expect such unanimous criticism of the controversial bill and immediately hid in the closet.

“It’s a shame that they didn’t expect such a reaction, because this reaction is natural. As they encroached on the fundamental thing – the independence of the EMB. The whole anti-corruption reform is the core of the IMF program. That is all the support of creditors is built on the anti-corruption fight,” – says Fursa.

Director of the NABU Sytnyk at this time was in Washington at the international anti-corruption forum and had the opportunity to directly report to foreign colleagues. Kiev was important in all the mentioned circumstances, to quarrel with partners and at the same time to save face. At the meeting with Lithuanian President Petro Poroshenko spoke to her in unison.

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“The activities of all anti-corruption bodies is essential for the fight against corruption in Ukraine. I don’t intend to discredit the work of these anti-corruption bodies, as well as all law enforcement agencies. I am grateful to Madam President, it is said that it is unacceptable that the leaders of any law enforcement agencies, including anti-corruption, are beginning to play politics,” he said.

To understand who exactly says the Ukrainian President, it is difficult. Charges NABOO in the politicization of their work are heard from officials more often, but none of them explains what is behind this concept. In fact, the anti-corruption Bureau and continued to work. In particular, were carried out searches in the Ministry of justice, where they began to destroy multimillion-dollar criminal case.

At the end of the week reigned dreary pause – the reaction of the outdated bureaucratic system foreign to her immune anti-corruption component has stopped.

One rejection has occurred. While the only casualty was Yegor Sobolev, passionate, Chairman of the parliamentary anti-corruption Committee. His dismissal may in the future to give the opponents of NABU additional cards.

“I think a compromise will be found. Still want to believe that the purpose of all these bodies is one – is the fight against corruption. Just everyone sees differently and still all rests in NABOO, and the head office, and other law enforcement agencies – it’s all about the judicial system,” – said golobutsky.

The President promised to promptly submit the draft law on the anti-corruption court. Ahead of new year and Christmas holidays, and it would be naive to think that a miracle will happen and someone will solve all problems.

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