Ensign “of the Eagle” and the commander of Kadyrovites. As a Thriller “the Storm” passed Lugansk Russia

Counterintelligence of SBU together with TSN.ia continues to inform the public of the citizens of the Russian Federation and the traitors who are involved in maintaining the existence of the “L/DNR” and the looting of the Ukrainian lands.

In previous publications it was about the personal guards of the leader of “DNR” Zakharchenko, and also about the destruction in Syria, the General Valeriy Asabove and the General-major Valery Sharapova who took part in military operations on Donbass. And another Russian General Boris Fomichev became known after leaked online recordings of his angry speech, addressed to the Chechen mercenaries who frightened ran away from the battlefield.

This time the attention of the scouts attracted Roman Korniyenko with the call sign “Storm”, the unit commander of fighters “hero”, which is formally subordinate to “the Ministry of transport of the DNI”.

We all remember the events that took place in the occupied Lugansk from 20 to 23 November. Details of the so-called “revolution” with all its Russian hybrid war standard attributes – “green men”, a block of buildings, columns of military hardware was widely publicized in the press, television and other media.


Special interest was aroused by the so-called “aid LC” heavily armed militants “Donetsk national Republic”, a convoy which arrived in Lugansk on November 21 and took an active part in events shoulder to shoulder with the Russian military.

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Counterintelligence SBU has shared with correspondents TSN information concerning one of the commanders of the gangs, which are called “special forces DNR”.

Videosto up with Russian agents to infiltrate the territory of Ukraine

TSN. Week

July 16, 21:11

Roman Korniyenko was born in 1979 in the Ukrainian Gorlovka, have graduated from College, he served in airborne troops in the Ukrainian army, went to serve in the Ukrainian police. But in February 2014 ensign “of the Eagle”, who personally participated in the dispersal of the Maidan, betrayed the Motherland and started a war against its own people.

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Counterintelligence noted that “the Storm” earlier in conjunction with the GRU special forces stormed the Kramatorsk, was an action of “hold” under the command of the militants Alexander Zakharchenko, commander of equipped thugs – kadyrovtsi battalion “Death”, and in 2015 became the head of the “Department of state building and local self-government administration of the head of DND”. Later, Kornienko is the so-called Deputy “people’s Council DND”.

It is reported that in 2014 “the Storm” found a common language with the fighters of Ramzan Kadyrov, who filled the occupied Donbass. “Apti”, “Waha”, “Taliban”, “Milan”, “Aslan”, “Timur” and others hosted there as at home. It is noteworthy that the so-called “wild Chechen” engaged exclusively in the spin property and hostage-taking for ransom.

In counterintelligence said that “DNR”, he is considered an influential figure who has such patrons as Ramzan Kadyrov and Deputy of the illegitimate state Duma of Russia Adam Delimkhanov, who even invited him to visit.

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Also, when Kornienko was the commander of the battalion “Death”, he repeatedly performed the delicate tasks of the Russian special services on disarmament and the elimination of recalcitrant warlords who would not bow “Russian order” in the occupied Donetsk region.

Due to this reputation “the Storm” fear even the most experienced “militia” and “officials of DNR”. After all, this is a close friend of the wise and the person carrying out the dirty deeds of the Russians. At least, such problems of the Russian curators “the Storm” performed and at this time in Lugansk.

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