First review of episode 8 of the Saga “Star wars”: exciting fight scenes and unexpected plot twists

After watching the tape of “Star wars”, which premiered at the Royal albert Hall on 12 December, the editor of the Norms trooper wrote the first review of episode 8 of the Saga and posted it on the website of The Sun.

All is not as you think,” shouts an angry Luke Skywalker. And Luke is right, because the eighth episode of “Star wars” filled with many surprises and interesting plot twists. Any submission by the viewers about what to expect in this film, can just be thrown into space (as one unfortunate character in the film).


The familiar start, causing “goose bumps”, informs about what the evil of the First Order became more powerful than the “force Awakening” is close to resisting the leadership of General Leia organa (Carrie Fisher, in his last role).

Pilot, Dameron (Oscar Isaac) is heading the mission for the removal of the First Resistance, and we dive into the captivating scene of the battle of the big giants. Can see how making a mockery of the arrogant General Hacks (Donal Gleeson) via radio waves. But the attack leads to mass casualties from Resistance and Leah makes it clear that soulless heroics has no place in the organization.


And that is what contributes to the immediate pleasure of a long-term strategy that defines the tone of the film and distinguishes it from previous tapes: Episode VII and Rebellious One, 2015. In particular, the last film is a separate section of the past years on the mission with stealing the Death Star plans. Both of these tapes was glad the reboot of nostalgia for the original 1977, and they managed to bring adult fans. In turn, Director Ryan Johnson correctly decided that we should all move on. As the grandson of Darth Vader Kilo Ren (Adam Driver) tells Rey (Daisy Ridley): “the Jedi, the Sith … is the past. Leave it behind”.

While the Navy Lei, decreasing, pursues Supreme Leader Snook (Andy Serkis), ray – stays where we left it in the previous movie – in a remote island hideout Skywalker (Mark Hamilla). There she tries to convince the old Jedi to return and support the Revival.


In turn, Luke, who wants the Jedi order ended, agrees to teach ray how to use Power and these scenes are a kind of retroperspective return us to study Luke with Iodine in “Empire strikes back” – the combination of high Comedy and hallucinations.

In addition to Luke and Leia, original characters Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2 appear only temporarily. It seems that they resign, leaving behind only the pleasure of entertainment for tourists at Disneyland.


Many new characters you can see in the trailer (nice Porgy, ominous droid BB-9E), which also occupy very little time in the tape, which is strange for a movie that lasts 2 hours 32 minutes – and most likely only the prospect of sales of a large number of toys.

And despite some of the shortcomings of the Saga, a great movie “Star wars” that will satisfy the fans who grew up with the originals, as well as children who are not burdened by nostalgia.


The ex-stormtrooper Finn (John Boyega) forms the reasonable hero Han Solo, and the last 45 minutes of confrontation is one of the most famous scenes in star wars – emitting diodes, AT-AT, sacrifice, romance and Comedy.

The film is a remarkable premiere for the Fisher, which it is dedicated, and a solid platform of ideas from which you can create many more stories of “Star wars”.

Regardless, it’s the end of the Jedi or no, this Saga will definitely make the long journey to our galaxy.”

We will remind, in Ukraine the eighth part of the Saga will be released on December 14. The first premiere of the epic Saga of “Star wars: Episode IV. A new hope” took place 40 years ago.

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