Feel like a hindrance to others: journalists tried to go to Kiev for new speed limits

New traffic rules that limit the speed in cities is 50 km/h, has not yet entered into force, and some of the people of Kiev are already accustom ourselves to a slow drive. To train to ride so as not to get a fine of 3,400 hryvnia, decided and journalists, says the story TSN.19:30.

From Kiev Eldar for the second week goes on-new – at the speed of 50 plus permitted 9 excess. And not feel conscientious driver who has a current requirement speed of 60 kmh, and obstacle on the road. “It is not Kiev – is a solid championship racing”, says he signals behind him. Eldar felt the benefits of a slow ride – it has reduced fuel costs, and, strangely enough, it is less gridlocked.

Videoton have experienced driving the capital under the new rules

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:37

Journalists two days in a row drove the same route at the same time – once under the new requirements, and the second is familiar to modern Kiev style. It turned out that the 7-kilometer distance, North of the ring road speed of 59 km/h gives the result 11 minutes, while at 79 kmh it is possible to save 4 minutes. And 18 km in city traffic, the difference is half an hour: 1:10 at a speed of 50 km/h vs 0:40 on mode without abstinence.

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Hope the drivers are just for the city government, which could allocate separate special road under the speed limit. “Don’t play dumb with me, and in those places where there are no people, enclosed track – I think you can safely go 80,” they say. Roads with multiple lanes and bump stops – this is the ring road, Victory Avenue and Moscow street, as well as the Brovary, Metropolitan and Naberezhne highway. The city authority can coordinate with the police separate speed limits for these areas. However, if it happens, is still unknown. How unclear is the mechanism of punishment of offenders, which is still not legislated.

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