A heavy smoker spends on cigarettes for almost 11 thousand UAH per year. And will – three times more

Smoking cigarettes in Ukraine have called the habit of the rich. Because one bundle is already an average of 30 UAH. That is, for a month for heavy smokers out of 900 UAH, and a year – 10,8 thousand UAH.

This is stated in the plot program “snidanok z “1+1”.

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Since January 1, the price of cigarettes will increase by an average of 6 UAH per pack. And until 2024, according to the Association agreement with the European Union, the cost of the excise tax will increase from 21 euros to 90 euros per thousand cigarettes. Accordingly, the bundle will cost no less than 90 UAH. Then, for the same number of Ukrainian cigarettes smoker will pay 32.4 thousand UAH per year.

Videoshoot cigarettes in 2018, will rise in price

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Over the past ten years the prices of tobacco products increased by 20 times, and the number of smokers is not affected. Can’t make the new price to give up cigarettes at this time.

“The percentage of people that contact me or my colleagues for help to get rid of nicotine addiction, is negligible as it was, and is, by and large. So, perhaps, given the rise in price of cigarettes to 100 UAH for a pack, they will look for the replacement options, you will probably smoke less. Perhaps they will be Smoking tobacco cigarettes, some artisanal stuff,” says psychiatrist Vladislav Owl.

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To avoid raising excise duty on cigarettes will not succeed. For the first time in the history of Ukraine in the Tax code prescribed the price increase is not for one but for seven years. By 2024 cigarettes in Ukraine will be equal in price with the rest of Europe.

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