How to return e-ticket on the train. Instruction for passengers

“Ukrzaliznytsya” for a month, from December 12, and January 14, imposed restrictions on the refund of electronic tickets – to avoid the creation of artificial shortages and speculation of further travel documents on the train. To take the tickets and collect the money using the railroad station or send by mail. This moratorium will not apply to international trains to Poland.

The carrier explained that “the vast number of tickets on peak dates, particularly the winter holidays, to be redeemed via the Internet in the first minutes of sales opening. At the same time, a tendency to return a significant part of the redeemed tickets (mostly at night) that somehow correlated with the increase in demand for travel for popular routes. Such data can indicate that tickets are massively and systematically repurchased for resale. The result is an artificial previous deficiency that causes fair discontent and complaints of the citizens who are going to travel”.

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To receive a refund, you must:

To show the cashier printed out a boarding document and identity document (passport, military ID, student ID, driving licence, official identity card).

Return travel documents before departure of the train you both personally and to others.

After the departure of the train refund for the tickets is carried out on the basis of the document proving the identity, the name of which is specified in the travel document.

Means only return on a Bank account (card).

The amount of the returned funds for unused travel document depends on the time before and after the departure of the train:

– not less than 24 hours before train departure – full payment of the ticket and reserved seat (with deduction of commissions);

– from 24 to 9 hours before train departure – paid full ticket price and 50% cost of the reserved place;

– less than 9 hours before train departure – full payment of the ticket, and the cost of reserved seat is not paid;

– after the train’s departure, but not more than an hour after his departure – paid 10% of the cost of the ticket and reserved seat.

Video”Ukrzaliznytsya” explained how to return the tickets purchased through the Internet

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Passengers who are far away from the railway ticket offices or abroad, or are not able for health reasons, other reasons, are available at the box office in person, you can send your printed e-tickets for addresses of regional branches at the place of residence or the address of the branch “Passenger company”. You should also write a statement which should contain the information of Bank payment cards to the extent necessary to implement the transfer of funds. The statement should engage additional help, for example on temporary disability, proof of border crossing, and the like.

Address for written complaints:

PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”, 03680, Kyiv-150, St. Tver 5.

Branch “Passenger company”, 01032, Kyiv, vul .Simon Petlyura, 21-A.

The regional branch of the “Donetsk railway”, 84404, Donetsk region, city of Lyman street, 22.

Regional branch “Lviv railway”, 79000, Lviv, St. Gogol, 1.

Regional branch “Odesa railway”, 65023, Odessa, St. Panteleimon, 19.

The regional branch of the “Dnieper railway”, 49602, str, Ave., D. Yavornytsky, 108.

The regional branch of the “southern railway”, 61052, Kharkov, street of Eugene Kotlyar (former Krasnoarmeyskaya), 7.

Regional branch “South-West railway”, 01601, Kyiv city, Lysenko str., 6.

Recall, “Ukrzaliznytsya” appointed to the Christmas and new year holidays, with 29 additional trains of the 34 planned.

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