The price of the dollar crossed the psychological mark of UAH 28

Kiev in exchange offices increased the dollar and the Euro. So, the purchase price of the dollar increased to 28 UAH/USD. sales – to 27.70 UAH/USD.

The value of American currency in the banks increased to 27.40/a 27.98 UAH/USD.

It is noted that the Euro is 33 UAH/EUR.

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In the courses of the national Bank the dollar and Euro rose to significant figures. Infographics

At the same time, the interbank market shows that the average rate of hryvnia at 13:30 is set at 27,6290 UAH/USD. It is also reported that market participants have concluded 430 transactions in the amount of 224,90 million dollars.

In particular, experts predict a further depreciation of the national currency. They argue that the market is oversaturated torque and it loses value.

“Most likely, will be even slightly reduce, maybe even 28 (hryvnia per dollar), in January, for example. I’m not sure, but possible. It may be strengthening during the summer and again at the end of the year the decline of the hryvnia,” – says a financial analyst.

Therefore, dollar-for-26 UAH is no longer seen. And according to analysts, the depreciation of the hryvnia, as always, will affect the prices that go up. This is especially true in the cost of fuel.

Recall that in the budget for 2017 laid down the dollar to 27.2 UAH. In the state budget for the 2018 laid a course to 29.3 UAH per dollar. Earlier, the government announced such currency forecasts: the exchange rate of the hryvnia (average per year) 2018 year will amount to 29.3 UAH per dollar, 2019, the year of 30.5 UAH per dollar 2020 year to 31 UAH per dollar.

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