Independent experts checked the quality of “backpacks Avakov”

Due to the publicity of the case about the alleged corruption of the contract for delivery of backpacks for the needs of the national guard under the firm son of the interior Minister Arsen Avakov Alexander independent experts conducted its own examination of production samples. Prosecutors said that the backpacks were purchased smaller, of a different material and actually cost less than the price you paid for them, according to a story TSN.19:30.

The results of the investigations of the prosecution are ready to question themselves national guardsmen. “Backpacks are durable, reliable. We use them on the job,” says one of them. Head of the centre expert Igor molodan tests at the request of NSU has conducted professional research for a standard technique – with a backpack performed exercise, it was filled with water and hung on it to test strength. The expert concluded that the claimed materials, water resistance and the volume correspond to the declared parameters. “Everything is fine”, – he assured molodan. The only weak spot, which is found in the specialist – buckles, two of which did not survive 100-pound load. However molodan convinced that this weight fighters never wear on the back, and in the declared characteristics it was not, therefore it cannot be considered a disadvantage. “In manufacturing it is expensive. Here are all the details done,” assured the expert.

Videoapparatury court of Kiev cancelled the arrest of the property of Alexander Avakov

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Meanwhile, the lawyers and prosecutors involved in the case argue over when to begin the trial on the merits of the charges. “It depends solely on the detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau. When they gather all the evidence that, in their opinion, will be sufficient to send the case to court, they will. While I understand that they have this evidence is not collected,” said Avakov Jr. Andrey Tarasov. In NABU and SAP also argue that the evidence is, however, about the timing of judicial review rather not talk about. Some experts suggest that the delay in the proceedings may not be random. “This suggests that during these two years or was not collected any evidence, and this evidence is not, and cannot send the case to the court to consider it in a General manner, or that evidence was collected, but there are problems with their use”, – says independent counsel Roman Alexandruk.

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In addition to evidence, the lawyer has a question themselves with respect to the claims of prosecutors to individual defendants. “I’m like a lawyer with certain experience, I saw directly of a crime for the son Avakov. It is not specified that he did,” says Alexandruk. Political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko suggests that this may be due to political maneuvering and heated public interest in the work of the new anti-corruption bodies. “The resonance is not associated with great corruption. Amount there, to put it mildly, are small in comparison with other high-profile cases. But because one of the defendants – the son of an influential Minister of internal Affairs Avakov Ares, that’s what gave the resonance of the case”, – says the analyst.

On Tuesday, December 19, the court of appeal took the decision on cancellation of arrest on real estate Alexander Avakov. The reason was the violations in the court of first instance, where there was a log of the hearing. Prosecutors agreed with the justice of such a verdict, however, promised that again will require the seizure of property in the court of first instance.

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