“Time capsule” in Kyiv school received a letter from the past and sent a message to the future

In one of Kyiv’s high schools out of the wall got a time capsule. 50 years ago put letters first-graders with their dreams of space travel, a brighter future and a life without war. Today the students decided to continue the tradition and again walled capsule, already with his message, – it is spoken in TSN plot.19:30.

The seniors collected the parcel in the future: their photo 10-a, class lists and stick – it is a musical message from one of the pupils of the school.

Next to their names in the message of their dreams, someone who wants to be.

For such letters in the future at their school there is a special place – 50 years ago the first graders bricked here is a message to future generations. A sign that told me that the capsule is here, dekommunizirovali, but the message still decided to get it.

Now then first graders do not remember any words from the message, only themselves that day – according to old photos. However, then a letter in the capsule had no value, because 50 years is too long for a seven year old.

Now greetings from the past welcomed with applause.

Video settings one of Kiev high schools on the wall got a time capsule

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:18

Modern dreams for the future of football and the Olympic victory for Ukraine, for peace and again about space travel. New message from today’s students have again buried – this time from 50 to 20 years. Then their school will be one hundred years, and the authors of the letter for 35.

We will remind, earlier in Pervomaisk in nikolayevshchina unpacked a time capsule with a message from the Komsomol, written half a century ago. Got it during the festival of breakdance.

The message was embedded in the wall of the local house of culture, where it was indicated that the letter from the Komsomol 1967 to the youth of 2017. Today’s teenagers were not even able to answer the question, who are the members of the Komsomol.

By TSN correspondent Natalia Nagornaya.

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