The Brazilian foot-high penis cannot get a job because it is inconvenient to wear a uniform

Brazilian Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, who has the world’s manhood, received a disability, writes Metro.

55-year-old man, the length of the penis which reaches up to 48 cm only in a calm state, forced to live on a little help from the state. The fact that he can’t get any work, because it is very difficult to find working workwear. And it’s not that people can’t just kneel, or to run a few meters, because it prevents the same part of the body, which he is so proud.

“Employers wary of me. They always promise to call back after the interview, but they never do,” the man says.

The world learned about Roberto when he broke the world record for penis length. Prior to that, the record was considered to be the actor John Falcon, winner of 24 inches in a relaxed and 35 in erodirovannoj condition. However, even after the recognition of this body may cause a man some problems. So, he is often faced with a urinary tract infection, and it also can’t just sleep because we have to wrap the penis in a bandage and put it next to him.

However, even despite all these problems, he refused any surgical interventions. He is very proud of this part of his body and even dreams of a special woman who will suit him in all respects, and will be his faithful companion.

At the same time, his doctor notes that had been repeatedly recommended by Robert to reduce the penis to marry a normal woman and have children.

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“But he doesn’t want it. He wishes that his penis was bigger than the other. In Latin America the owner of a large body is considered to be macho. That’s what makes it special,” he says.

The doctor also adds that he, along with a group of fellow doctors tried to understand the nature of such a large penis. And experts came to the conclusion that the man himself tried to stretch since adolescence, to become that macho, which is now.

And yet Roberto is still trying to find a decent job. He says that sometimes people doubt that his penis is real. And then he invites them to look at it. But for some reason refuse.

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