“Leak was not.” Groisman said that to discredit his arrest a spy will fail

The detainee, the translator of the Cabinet of Ministers Stanislav Yezhov, who was detained on suspicion of spying for the Russian secret service, had no access to state secrets.

This was stated by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

“He had no access to state secrets, and so no, so to speak, of serious losses, we have not received”, – he stressed.

The Prime Minister said that Yezhov was involved in the organization of official events, meetings and translations, and government positions, he worked in the presidential Administration, the Verkhovna Rada, the foreign Ministry, went on business trips abroad as a diplomat.

Videostamil Ezhov suggested the suspicion of treason

After the personal interpreter of the Ukrainian SBU revealed another Russian spy. He was a Lieutenant Colonel of the security Service. His name is hide security forces. But, they say, the proof works for the Russian secret services have. At the same time, the detainee on the eve Stanislav Yezhov already suggested the suspicion of treason.

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Groisman also noted that SBU is not one month followed the activities of a spy in the Cabinet.

“Not one month, don’t want to reveal the secrets, we knew that there is a suspicion that he works for foreign intelligence agencies. It’s a long time, he was under full monitoring, of course, with the assistance of the Prime Minister and my phone. Once you have collected the required amount of materials, he was arrested, and now will be the result,” – said the head of government.

Separately Groysman assured that the use of the situation with the detention of members of the Protocol of the Cabinet of Ministers to discredit him will not succeed.

“And anyone who wants to use this situation (detention) against me, I want to say one thing – no matter how much tried to discredit me, I’m going to reveal and to make this public. I want to thank SBU and insist that months of operation was, but not a single leak while the operation lasted, was not” – said the head of government.

#getinsidewindowwidth respect of the detainee employee of the Cabinet. We knew that there was a suspicion that he works for foreign intelligence agencies. He was under full monitoring of the SBU, of course, with the assistance of the office of the CMU. He had no access to state secrets, and therefore leaks no information.

— Volodymyr Groysman (@VGroysman) 22 December 2017.

Recall, December 20 in the evening on suspicion of espionage arrested the translator Ukrainian Prime Minister Stanislav Yezhov, who worked at the meetings of Volodymyr Groysman with the world leaders.

According to investigators, he stole important documents, overheard conversations, ferret out information from colleagues and passed on to their supervisors in Russia. The Russians, according to investigators, recruited Yezhov during his long trips abroad. The translator was accompanied by Groisman during important negotiations with foreigners. Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman thanked the security Service of Ukraine during the detention of the spy.

It was also reported that the translator was a spy, worked in the Yanukovych administration , and has successfully passed the lustration test.

Yesterday, 21 December, the SBU reported about suspicion to the interpreter Groisman, who leaked information to Russian special services. Officials suspected of treason.

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