TSN journalists came under fire by gunmen near the released Travneve

The militants do not stop shelling of neighborhoods liberated by the Ukrainian army Travneve. The village had just begun to return to life and to light, as the enemy stepped up and made a test of nerves soldiers and journalists, says the story TSN.19:30.

Under the blow was full of humanitarian aid for the civilians military of the beads. The journalists were forced to hide in the forest. “Close, “the cornflower” put even the release is not heard”, – said the military in the midst of the fire. Despite the shells, the men pushed the stalled in the mud machine and left outside the square, where mines fell. The militants of the guys was offended not because of the threat to the life, as for the soiled uniform. “Just yesterday I did some Laundry, again,” laughs one of them.

Videoroliki do not stop shelling of neighborhoods released Travneve

In the village only began to return life to spend at least the light of the development of the enemy suspended the process. Today fired yet, and the road on which the military just returned from the village.

TSN. 19:30

Today, 20:02

However, the terrorist attack did not stop the good intentions of the military to help the villagers. “They never seen anything like this in my life – how many carries rations care,” – says the fighter APU Igor Shtompel. Thing distribute right in the middle of the streets, and the locals dream about water or medicine in the village. Door medical assistant’s point, normally closed – the only military nurse brought from Novoluganskogo, but here it is not every day. With the medical business to help even the men themselves if there is an emergency need.

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Military at their own expense to feed the villagers and repairing homes in the liberated Travneve

The light in Travneve plan to spend the rest of the week because the main forces are now thrown on liquidation of consequences of the shelling in novoluhans’ke. Electricity is three times a day with the generator. “Will work until you make a line,” – said the commander of the Department gschs Oleg Right.

The TSN reporter Eugene Zvecanska

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