The militants are destroying towns in the Donbass, in order not to give APU to move on

The rebels, despite the declared truce, don’t stop attacks in Donbas. After a declared ceasefire during the holidays viscovi one Ukrainian killed, fired on positions of the AFU near Lugansk, Avdeevka and Lebedinsky, according to a story TSN.Week.

In addition, the Russian officers left the Joint Center for coordination and controlthat was brokered between the Ukrainian army and militants, if it was necessary to cease fire. The move coincided with a cynical shelling of the village of Novoluganskoe.

Media militants were full of reports that this Ukrainian units fired “Gradami” each other. Convincing militants launched rockets in the neighboring Russian Federation. To disguise the crime failed because about the “Grads” “Dnrovtsam” it’s hard to lie, because after the explosion remains a metal tube. The soldiers are saying that the nature of attacks suggests that the attack was from Gorlovka. Dozens of people in their own eyes saw that it was shot from the outskirts of the occupied city.

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However, among those who beat on Novoluganskoe, not only Russians. Gorlovka is based the so-called rocket-artillery battalion of the third brigade of the army of the “DNR”. It is led by Olga Kachura with the call sign “Corsa”. She was an officer of the Ukrainian militia. After the Russian military aggression defected to the enemy and became the spotter. Kachur passed special courses in Saint-Petersburg, the Russians raised its status to the commander of a missile battalion. First its “Grads” distinguished under Debalcevo.

Handwriting “Corsi” – a blatant provocation. It is in front of the fire hung on their “Grad” Ukrainian flags, and then demonstratively shelled the settlements. The activities of the “Corsi” is called terrorism.

After the bombings in novoluhans’ke on the front there was not a single day without wounded and the dead. The Ukrainian defenders no illusions that the upcoming holidays will bring them respite. Massive shelling of settlements in the rear along with a block of the Joint Center for control and coordination was intended to stop the attempt of Ukrainians at least in one area to get to the line defined by the Minsk agreements.

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Attacks Novoluganskogo similar to revenge for the lost settlements that now control Ukraine. The militants also demonstrate that they do not stop at anything if the Ukrainian army will continue to move forward. Savages “City” consider civilians as hostages.

Andriy Tsaplienko

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