Astrologers gave advice on how to arrange a new year party

While Ukrainian women are more concerned about products, prices and a difficult task – how to prepare a festive table so that all were satisfied and not be left without a penny. As shown in the experiment TSN.Week, like to sit under the tree family of four, you need to spend 1350 UAH.

Thus the astrologers say: it is necessary to set up the tables so that is literally bursting with food, because 2018 is the year of the yellow dog, which is almost omnivorous, and not very legible. Therefore, the focus should not be on the exotic and quantity.

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If you believe astrologers, stock up on meats. The price of meat kept a furious pace for the whole year and reached as much as 120 UAH per kilo of pork, and 140 UAH for beef.

Olivier in the past year at a cost of 96 hryvnias on average, and this year 127,5 UAH. grew in the price and cooked sausage, eggs, and mayonnaise.

Traditional herring under a fur coat components has reached the annual maximum. Especially carrots and beets.

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Yellow dog calls not to forget about the products yellow, brown and green. You should add colored fresh vegetables and fruits on the table.

A jar of red caviar only rose sharply. Manufacturers are justified, the salmon was not enough. In addition, the EU has banned the preservative E-239, which extended the expiration date of the tender product.

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