Lutsenko said there are three key steps to overcome the “party of corruption”

During this year, the Prosecutor General’s office and other law enforcement agencies together caught more than 9.5 thousand bribe “on hot”. Of them three thousand cases have been submitted to the court and from 1.5 thousand were convicted. In an interview with Ukrainian TV channels said the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko.

The head of the GPU says that this trend needs to continue, each year must be put behind bars not less than 10 thousand bribe. At the same time, Lutsenko is convinced that corruption in the country can’t win if you fight it only by arrests.

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“The greatest evil, I personally think, the problem is political, I would say even the party of corruption. Whether it can be overcome only by the fact that we’re going to catch high-ranking corrupt officials, I mean in the first place the NABOO and the GPU? Sure it can be done and should be done, but it is necessary and at the same time be sure to eliminate the possibility of recurrence of recurrence of corruption,” – said Lutsenko.

To do this, the attorney General sees three key steps that need to be implemented to prevent corruption at the system level.

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“The first is through privatization. Supposedly privatized state-owned enterprises are the main source of party corruption. And the parties that come to power, try to appoint your Director for these companies, get profitable orders to the affiliated companies and they are flowing millions. Let’s compare Ukraine and Poland. Ukraine is now about 3.5 thousand of state enterprises in Poland in 1991 when it started the reform, there were 4.5 thousand. Now she only has 45 public enterprises. For the privatization of Poland received approximately $ 400 billion. We are from 3,5 thousand state-owned enterprises have 1700 that do not work, about 1800, 80% of which are unprofitable. They tend to generate losses, which are borne on the shoulders of the people, and at the same time, their goods, their operations are fueled by the winners of party races. This is the first basic step, which is to blow up the biggest party of corruption” – said the head of the GPU.

“The second situation – the situation at customs. Somewhere between 20 and 30% are still underpaid in the budget. It is necessary to install electronic scanners, through, to validate the goods. We must pay tribute to the head of the government and SFS – they attempt to supply the scanners. And can’t do, because the Antimonopoly Committee is blocking, due to complaints of one – day firms. I am confident that the leadership of the state should intervene in this and find the exit. Scanners should be, the money is allocated,” – said Lutsenko.

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“And the third step is the bowels. Ukrainian subsoil share is not transparent, there are unprofitable, although they are one, as for me, the three pillars of industrial, agricultural, and I would say, a geological pillar of the future development of Ukraine. But the depths never before transparently not shared – neither gas, nor oil, nor granite, nor amber, nor any other resources. (Should) open field, light it, ensure the auctions, and I am sure that it will kill the corruption that today is fueling enormous oligarchic structures”, – concluded the Prosecutor.

Also Lutsenko added that “the fight against corruption by force gives only a 10 percent success. Everything else is done in the legislative field, closing the possible holes for corruption.”

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