In Gorlovka “Glory to Ukraine!” sounded a hundred times: Gerashchenko said that she was amazed the day of mass release of the hostages

Atmosphere and the reaction of the Ukrainian hostages released on the day of the exchange was special. This was stated by Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko on air of TSN.19:30.

“I was impressed by the visit to Gorlovka. We are with those journalists who were there, such courage felt even a little – we would go further. Yesterday in Gorlovka, I think for the first time in three years, “Glory to Ukraine!” sounded a hundred times. It was fantastic,” she said. “That first moment when kom clenched and throat, and heart, that you are in Ukraine, but occupied – I saw your sister, they had tears in their eyes and the first thing they asked: when will free our children,” she said about the first reaction of the liberated Ukrainians, when applied to those who may see and hear in the conclusion.

Videoerin Gerashchenko told the details of the exchange of hostages and possible new exchanges

Deputy speaker of Parliament has told, what difficulties befell the Ukrainians during the negotiations, what was the reaction of the Ukrainian soldiers for liberation, and promised to fight for the liberation of all Ukrainian hostages.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:23

Herashchenko stressed that Ukraine will do everything to the question of the exchange of the remaining hostages were resolved as quickly as possible. “It is the duty of the government and I, as the authorized representative of the President to speed up this point. Yesterday gave us all hope. We unblocked the process of liberation, and we will do everything we are ready for serious compromises in order to continue”, she said. While the specific forecasts politician abstained. “I’m not going to operate with numbers and especially dates. We set these people,” – said Vice-speaker.

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While Geraschenko began to give estimates of release of the hostages, citing the lack of such needs and competence. “SBU and psychologists work with all released, not only to test, and to get information about what is important to us from the point of view of performance of the humanitarian mission of liberation. If you are talking about a category of people, there are among the released, for example, deserters, Yes, there are. There are different people. I am not a representative of the military Prosecutor or other structures that should deal with this issue. Our task is to liberate people, all citizens of Ukraine. And after that, if someone have any questions, authorities should ask them”, she said.

Vice-speaker of Parliament admitted that the day of the liberation of the prisoners she especially remembered a few people. “I was very impressed by Alexander of Kharkov. When he said some very important things that the prison is lost three years, but at the same time, someone breaks free, is degraded during these three years, and we may even become stronger. Someone quit, someone started to learn a foreign language, someone has started to read more, someone started to pay more attention to what God is and believe. Nikolai Gerasimenko, with which we in the helicopter and the plane a little more talk, said that they’re in prison a Trident laid on the table of tea bags. They are stories told, what you know, it’s not the embroidery on the body, and a Trident in the heart. And he did, said, you know, I come back here, hang the Ukrainian flag, and we are here to do the Museum the de-occupation”, – told Gerashchenko.

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