In the area of ATO Ukrainian military shot down a large Russian UAV cost 6 million rubles

Thursday, December 28, in the zone of the antiterrorist operation Ukrainian military shot down a Russian UAV production of the “Orlan-10”.

About it the correspondent of TSN Eugene Zvecanska.

Drone knocked down at about 22.00 near Kurdiumivka near Turecka Donetsk region. Now the military are looking for the rest of the apparatus.

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“Orlan-10” – multi-purpose unmanned aerial vehicle produced by “Special technology center”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Maximum takeoff weight of the UAV according to various sources ranges from 14 to 18 kg. It is able to transmit video at a distance up to 120 km Cost of such a device is about 6 million rubles.

The Ukrainian military has repeatedly shot down these drones, which is another evidence of Russian aggression. In particular, in July 2014, the “Orlan-10” was shot down near the town of Amvrosievka of Donetsk region (now occupied by the rebels).

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It is worth noting that the reconnaissance using unmanned aerial vehicles, is prohibited under the Minsk agreements.

Ukrainian military shot down another Russian drone in the ATO zone near the settlement Ambros…

Published by the Press center of the ATO headquarters July 23, 2014

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