The hostages in the Donbas managed to watch channel 1+1 under the noses of the guards

Released from prison by the terrorists in the Donbas Ukrainians were taken to the hospital of the State administration for examination and further medical care. Patients began four decades brought last night from the Donbass former prisoners, says the story TSN.19:30.

Most of these people complain of pain in the back and the ribs, because during the interrogation they were beaten. “The condition is terrible, because he treated, well, just… this is my first three months here this color went – ribs, back, all,” – said Alexey. Among the released there are fighters volunteers as Alexander Aisin of “Aydar”. In captivity he was in 2015, and on the eve of the liberation gave an interview to Russian media propaganda, which said that war no longer go. Today a man admits: if, then, refused to be interviewed – would beat. Therefore, the desire to live and see their children outweighed.

Video settings the Kiev hospital released civil “LDNR” told the details of captivity

All of the rescued civilians were taken to the Hospital of the President administration for examination and further treatment. With physicians and patients communicated with the correspondents of TSN.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 19:47

Ivan Terence ATO also went on their own, and were captured during combat missions. Now two years in a Donetsk prison given to him by the pain of broken ribs, but the guys sneaking from the guards were still watching 1+1. “I tried to watch until the guards retreated, so as not to attract attention. Only watched the news, the Minsk agreements, as fighting,” he said.

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Mikhail Sobolev was captured for messages in social networks, because I was writing on twitter about the events in the occupied Donetsk. “He called and said to go to the police Department came up. They got me in handcuffs and began to question, package – I do not want to remember. Then jail and sentenced to 10 years of strict regime”, – said the released hostage. Now all the boys dream that quickly happened release all those who are still in Donetsk and Luhansk prisons on trumped up charges.

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Doctors say that now is the best help for the liberated – not drugs, and the attention of relatives and friends. Physical and psychological recovery will be much faster and more successful.

The TSN reporter Valeria Kovalinskaya

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