“Rotterdam plus-plus”: a new growth of tariffs for light indirectly will affect all Ukrainians

The national Commission, carrying out state regulation in the energy and utilities allowed to raise electricity prices. This time the growth rate will be 16% and will apply to business, says the story TSN.19:30.

For approval of new tariffs, which wags have dubbed “Rotterdam plus-plus” profit security forces – policemen were on duty at the doors, and buses with special forces located nearby. According to TSN, the peace and security of the members of the Commission on this day was guarded by no less than three dozen law enforcement officers.

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In NTRAK said when you cancel the controversial formula “Rotterdam+”

Come to a meeting of MPs, who accused the regulator of bias and reminded that infamous formula “Rotterdam+” illegal and absurd. The Commission, headed by the former Manager of the company Roshen Dmitry Vovk deputies did not pay attention and unanimously adopted the new rates. “This decision by the national Commission was prepared, thank you all for the performance,” – said Vovk.

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Ukraine increased electricity exports by almost 70%

An expert in the field of energy Andriy Gerus predicts that the cost of new lights for commercial organizations will certainly affect the wallets of ordinary Ukrainians. “We will have another inflationary factor because of the cost of all goods and services there is electricity. Somewhere she could be 40%, as in the cold water supply, so first and foremost is the growth of tariffs on cold water. Metro, tram, trolley – 20% of electricity,” he explained.

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