The new rates! In Ukraine will rise, will rise, and will change from 1 January

In Ukraine change the rules of retirement. Ukrainians are taught to sort waste and slower to drive in the cities. And we pay more for electricity and phone calls.

What changes to expect in January, according to a story program “snidanok z “1+1”.

Since the beginning of the year will begin to operate unpopular rule of the new pension legislation. To retire will be able 60-year-old people who have not less than 25 years of insurance experience. If the experience is less, then retirement will have to wait until 63 years old.

Starting in 2018, to sort the trash will need to types of materials: organic, metal, glass, plastic and paper. For this in the courts should stand separate containers for each waste and sort it themselves Ukrainians.

Since January, reduced rates of import duties on cars with Euronorm. Within 7-10 years, under the terms of the free trade Agreement between the EU and Ukraine, they will reduce to zero.

To move to settlements with the new year.. From January 1 the speed limit will be reduced from 60 to 50 kilometers per hour. For its exceeding leads to a penalty of 340 hryvnias and more.

Significantly more expensive cigarettes. Due to the increase in excise duty the price will increase by 2 to 7 hryvnias depending on the brand and manufacturer. By 2025 average cost of a pack may be worth $ 90 USD.

Will be more expensive than the services of “Ukrtelecom”. From January 1, for residents of cities, they will increase by 7% for residents of villages – 16%.

The new tariffs – and in “Ukrpochta”. Sending a parcel weighing up to 1 kg will cost 12 hryvnia, and more severe in 14 hryvnias. International shipments will rise by a third.

The price will rise and electricity. Since January 1, it will grow by 9.5%, and by the end of the year – another 6%.

However, with the new year in Ukraine will increase the minimum wage and a living wage. The budget also planned to increase teachers ‘ salaries – on average by a quarter, and payments to servicemen – four and a half times.

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