The fog is like milk and mud. Bad weather helped the Ukrainian fighters partly to clear the field

In the area of ATO in the Donbas – not a single quiet day. And though the intensity of the fighting decreased slightly, the war has become more insidious. Say the military, who were fierce battles 2014-2015. Now they instruct Marines are taught to fight not from books, but from my own experience is contrary occupied the Donetsk airport.

This is stated in the story of Eugenia Tsvetinskiy in the program TSN.19:30.

Puddles, a continuous bog and fog – the weather this week has greatly complicated the Ukrainian soldiers service.

“Such milk (fog) of 50 meters and can not see anything. The enemy, the same DRG, can you come”, – says the fighter.

It is difficult even to move.

Usually at this time of year soldiers can be seen in white camouflage. Now they don’t even unpacked. And dirt in the entire area of the ATO. But because of the fog managed to clear the field.

“There was a wire was stretched and the check,” says APU soldier, instructor training center DSV Mykola Chaban.

Shows F1 grenade, which had just been neutralized.

“If such garnet is on the banner, the pomegranate “is” a man, accompanied by his explosion gets,” explains Shepherd.

He was one of the instructors 199-th training center of paratroopers, who arranged the window. Together with other fellows who were in the hot spots, teach children combat training.

Recall that the militants in the Donbas suffered losses during the New year celebrations.

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