High fuel prices didn’t scare Ukrainian drivers – expert

The Director of “Consulting group A-95” Sergey Kuiun notes that despite the rise in gasoline prices, the Ukrainians are buying this type of fuel at pre-crisis levels in 2013.

According to the data for January-November of 2017, the sale of motor fuel increased and reached the level of 2013, said Kuyun in an interview lb.ua. Although average gasoline prices in Ukraine over the past three months rose to 28,48 UAH per liter, and at some gas stations the price has crossed the mark of RS 30.

Drivers are also transitioning to the use of cheaper liquefied natural gas. So, last year 30% of cars switched from petrol to gas. This happens because the excise tax on liquefied gas is much lower excise tax on gasoline. The last time tax rates were raised in April 2017. Now the excise tax on gasoline is 213,5 EUR per thousand litres. In comparison, the excise tax on gas – 52 Euro per thousand liters. Today car can be charged with gas at an average price of 12.5-13 UAH per liter.

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“I am confident that the government will return to the issue of increasing the excise tax on liquefied natural gas because the car gas uses the same roads that you need to build and repair”, – said Kuyun.

Diesel is mainly used in the industry. Private car owners abandon it in favor of public transport.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainians began to buy 16% more cars. The most popular among Russian buyers of Japanese, French and Czech cars.

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