Measles outbreak in Kiev. The parents accuse the famous circus in the spread of infection

In the Kiev children’s infectious diseases hospital treated measles children who shortly before this, before the New year, visited the circus “Kobzov” on Kontraktova square.

Parents of sick children believe that the infection of children occurred in the circus, and the problem remained, as children and continue to do in the infectious diseases Department.

In total, according to parents in the Metropolitan hospital with the same story and disease are still about 30 children.

Dnia contacted mothers whose children had measles Kishineu Tatiana and Olga Miroshnichenko, who told all the details.

It should be noted that some children previously vaccinated against measles, but nevertheless they, too, contracted the infection.

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According to Tatyana Kishineu, symptoms, my son started to occur a week later after a visit to the circus. On show at Kontraktova family was 24 Dec and 31 Dec, New years eve, the child developed symptoms.

“First, we called an ambulance, the doctor said that it looks like the measles. We were taken to the infectious Department, there is already in the New year’s eve, two hours, we were sent to the clinic. There we said, “Why are we even arrived with a contagious disease?”. Then we were told that, in principle, measles can be treated at home, because we are in infectious Department to put other children and do not want”, – said Tatiana.

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Klishina also noted that the rash began immediately. It is also worth noting that the child is vaccinated against measles, but it didn’t work.

“Our baby was vaccinated 3 years ago, now a child of 4 years, i.e. one year vaccinated. We have the disease was not as other children, if all the other first temperature, rash and so on, we have started all at once”, she added.

According to mother, January 2, they called the local doctor who said that measles is not it seems that you may be allergic to SARS. But the next day the child’s condition deteriorated.

ALL PARENTS OF YOUNG CHILDREN!!! Pay attention to the situation which is becoming an epidemic! Today, I …

Published Tatiana Klishyna 8 Jan 2018

“We then again called the ambulance, they told us that it is measles. We at that time already gave the child antibiotics, because E. R. doctors said to continue to give the pills and will get better. The next day, the child is not better, we again called the doctor and we said again that this is such an Allergy. We really never listened to anyone and just took the baby to a private clinic where we it was diagnosed with the measles,” – said Tatiana.

According to her, currently in the hospital still fall sick children and they all attended the circus “Kobzov” on Kontraktova square: “we Have in the house four people lying in the house, one girl was released, and then in its place put another baby. And all the same situation, everything after the Kobzov circus. Someone went there 20 Dec, someone 22, someone 26, but all there.”

“If the circus comply with any sanitary standards, ventilate the room and so on. If all in one day infected, it could be understood that someone came in sick and making everyone sick, Yes, from it nobody is insured. But the same virus stayed there for about a week that children are now only sick. And here it is on contract. Some write that it zakazuha against the circus “Kobzov”, but nobody talks about the disease at the Olympic circus, all write only about the contract, then the problem is there. During the contract they don’t even have a vacuum cleaner, so as not to raise dust, they all raise a broom. Children sit in a room and see a spotlight illuminated the dust that rises just to the dome,” said Tatiana.

At this point, the son of Tatiana’s better. According to doctors, the child is recovering and temperature stable.

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In the same house with her son Tatiana was the daughter of Olga Miroshnichenko, also with measles. The girl’s mother told Dnia that after visiting the circus, the child has a fever and on 4 January it was even worse state.

“When it was not so much bad, then called the precinct, and he told us that like SARS said to occur and prescribed treatment. But at night the temperature was under 40 degrees and we called the ambulance, they came and made a shot, at that time the temperature was 41.5 degrees. We were recommended to go to the hospital, but since the temperature is already beginning to subside, we gave up. But they gave us a direction, just in case. The next day daughter all sprinkled, we again called the ambulance, and they told us that it’s urticaria. The next time when we already called the ambulance, they took us to hospital where we said it was measles,” – says Miroshnichenko.

According to her, it just the symptoms of SARS were coughing and temperature. Every different the disease, though when she sprinkle the body.

“We’re not alone. Then the whole hospital after “Kobzov” is. Just have seats in the house is not. We just today took a blood test to see if I developed antibodies and whether to let us go. But while we’re here, in the hospital,” she added.

The child’s mother added that vaccination against measles in childhood the girl did, but basically the disease is passed in the form of light.

“But there are children with a severe form of the disease and those who were vaccinated. Well, that’s how it is. There is only room 14 boxes in our house and in the adjacent four children, all with measles, a story. Some semi-private rooms. Each chamber is closed, so it’s hard to say. There is much more 14 ill. Probably about 30,” – said Miroshnichenko.

According to her, with the leadership of the circus, nobody messed with his family: “I wrote them an email this morning checked, but no one answered.”

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Dnia appealed to the leadership of the circus “Kobzov” comment, where we were told that circus “Kobzov” once again “trying to destroy dirty and baseless accusations with false information.” According to the manual, this attack continues for the whole year.

Videocore affects more and more Ukrainians

Snidanok 1+1

December 1, 2017, 11:17

“From the beginning of the tour in Kiev, on Kontraktova square we are trying to close. First, we were accused that we are touring with animals, and even tigers are walking on the street, although in our view there are no animals. Then we chop trees, although they were employees of Kievzelenstroy with the planned pruning of the branches by order of the city. Subsequently criticized in damage to the asphalt, but after inspections services no threats were discovered and the contract we are obliged to repair asphalt. Now a post on Facebook from a man who has registered on the site 4 days ago and immediately wrote the post that a does not bear any reasonable expectation and evidence”, – stated in the message.

“Kobzova” also said that do not think this is accurate information because they do not have any evidence that this person (who wrote the post) there and visited the show of the circus.

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“All attempts to contact were in vain, we tried to find where she works, but no contacts there. Everyone can watch it and understand that it’s all intentional and a setup

And the media pick up such untested and unreliable information, just to spread rumors and slander on the circus “Kobzov” and cause damage to reputation of circus,” added the guide.

It should be noted that after the New year not only in Kiev recorded outbreak of measles, but also in the Dnipropetrovsk region. There is ill, 63 people, including 41 children. According to doctors, measles is brought from Kiev in Kamenka, then to Krivoy Rog from the flash spread in the river. The health Ministry confirmed that from 2017 the situation with measles in Ukraine is quite complicated. The highest incidence rates are observed in the Western regions and the Odessa region, which gradually spread to other regions. Read more about the infection, how to fight and how to protect our material on this link.

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