Measles outbreak: in KCSA explained what to do parents of non-vaccinated children

Parents whose children do not tolerate vaccinations, should receive the appropriate help at the hospital and submit it to the school..

This broadcast Эспрессо.TV the Director of the Department of education and science of Kyiv city state administration Olena Fidanyan.

Video settings in Kiev and banned from attending an educational institution children who are not vaccinated against measles

Authorities decided to resort to harsh preventive measures in schools and kindergartens. This warned the city administration. Because for the first ten days of the year has recorded almost as many measles cases as for the entire 2017.

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According to her, health workers have begun checking the groups of children without vaccination against measles.

“A few years government is allowed not to vaccinate their children. Vaccinations are at the request of parents. However, if the increased incidence of a particular disease, the parents are warned about the need for vaccination. This situation is not epidemic, occurring precautionary measures”, – said Fidanyan.

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The official noted that the parents and child have to go to a medical institution where you can inoculate. If they can’t do it on working days, you can do so on Saturday.

“If a child can not tolerate vaccinations, parents must provide a certificate from the respective medical institution”, added, Fidanyan.

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As previously reported, is now in Kiev measles sick 12 children. Parents assume that they all got infected after a visit to the circus “Kobzov”. However, the circus denies all charges and believes that they “are trying to destroy dirty and baseless accusations”.

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