Due to the expensive veal and pork Ukrainians are switching to chicken. Average prices

Instead of pork and veal more and more Ukrainians prefer cheaper chicken. In 2017, prices on meat grew by 36%.

It is reported by the national scientific centre “Institute of agrarian economy”, says the plot of the program “snidanok z “1+1”.

The average price for beef – 113 UAH/kg. a Little less is the pork – 99 UAH/kg. The cheapest chicken – 53 UAH/kg. So after a few years in the meat diet of the Ukrainians, its volume has increased by almost 10%. Moreover, in the past year have significantly increased the volume of poultry production. Almost 5% compared to the previous years. Meanwhile, the production of pork and veal decreased significantly.

About the top 5 products that are the most expensive in Ukraine, read on Dnia this link.

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