Miho 2018: what the power seat is aiming Saakashvili and why he is no longer afraid of the President

January 11 to get to the building of Appellate court of Kiev, where considered the appeal of the GPU on the measure of restraint to Mikheil Saakashvili, it was not easy – the entrance was guarded by the columns of the National guard. Journalists, in addition to the identity, asked to show a passport or driver’s license.

Inside the hall were predominantly representatives of the media and ardent supporters of Saakashvili. The latter – mostly people of retirement age. They wear badges with the letter “I”, which means “moment”, Saakashvili believe in God, and ready to defend to the end.

“Where are you going?! Grab your camera! You work for Putin, and we are his (Saakashvili – ed.) supported!” emotional screaming woman from the support group policy to the operator who was on the bench behind her.

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However, the most famous supporters of Saakashvili – people’s deputies Sergei Leshchenko, Mustafa Nayem, and Svitlana zalishchuk, politicians Yegor Firsov, Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, and Anatoliy Hrytsenko – in the court came. Relations with Saakashvili have turned sour after the General Prosecutor’s office announced the funding of actions of the “Movement of new forces” oligarch-fugitive Serhiy Kurchenko.

Videogenerator told about the progress of the case, Saakashvili and plans for next year

Grounds for suspicion Mikhail Saakashvili was enough, because in addition to the audio recordings of his conversations with Sergey Kurchenko on the financing of protest, the investigators recorded the facts themselves the transfer of hundreds of thousands of dollars assistant Saakashvili. This was stated by Yury Lutsenko in interview to the Ukrainian TV channels. In addition, Lutsenko confirmed his intention to stay in post for some time, although hinted at the possibility of retirement in the next year.

TSN. 19:30

26 December 2017, 20:21

The absence in the hall of some people’s deputies became the reason for the postponement: Saakashvili asked the judge to await the return from holiday of those, who were willing to take him on bail. The court granted the request.

The correspondent of TSN.ia has been in Appellate court of Kiev and found out who sees himself in the future of Saakashvili, where to look for new companions and with an old enemy to fight the power.

The court’s one-man

Mikheil Saakashvili went to the gym like a Hollywood actor. His dark suit, white shirt and red tie that resembled the style of the leader of Radical party of Oleg Lyashko. Saakashvili shook hands with his lawyers and went to the podium, which he had prepared in advance a press-service “Movement new forces.”

“I always wondered where did this provocation related to the money of Yanukovych and Kurchenko. And yesterday, Al Jazeera said. It turns out that these prosecutors with cute faces, this type Gawrysiak (in the trial of Saakashvili represents the prosecution), conducted the case for the theft of billions of hryvnia on the task Lutsenko!” – emotionally told Saakashvili came to prosecutors.

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He was referring to the publication on the website of the TV channel Al Jazeera secret the Kramatorsk court decision on the confiscation of the money of the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, which featured the company ICU, close to Petro Poroshenko.

“I blame that prosecutors are criminals! This Gawrysiak Prosecutor conducted the case of the withdrawal of Yanukovych! These criminals have coded this decision! They created my fake business, but closed the financier Poroshenko Pasenyuk Gontareva”, – was indignant Saakashvili.

Older women enthusiastically listened to the former leader of Georgia and is constantly nodding in the affirmative to him.

While the politician has ignited the audience between the rows were a man with a book authorship Saakashvili.

“You see, there are a lot of signatures – open book, with enthusiasm he said. Is – Derevyanko (independent Deputy, ally Saakashvili – ed.) and Sakvarelidze (ex-Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine, one of the key members of Saakashvili’s team – ed.). I give a sign to people to history”.

Meanwhile, in the hall began to enter people’s deputies. “VIP ranks” is the mayor of Michel Tereshchenko with his wife, deputies Simon Semenchenko Alexander Opanasenko (“samopomich” Union faction), Natalie Novak (fraction of PPB), Alena Shkrum (fraction “Fatherland”) and David Sakvarelidze. However, for a long time they did not stay. The trial began suddenly and almost immediately ended. Saakashvili has filed a motion of adjournment because he is out of MPs, who were willing to take him on bail.

“I had a conversation with the deputies. In particular, with Yulia Tymoshenko, with other… They expressed a desire to be here, so please move not earlier than on 15 January,” he said.

The judges hesitated briefly and moved the meeting on January 19.

The plans of the parties

Leaving the courtroom Saakashvili told TSN.ia that he was going to go on tour in Ukraine. For any clarification did not answer and went out.

The cards opened by his colleague Yuriy Derevyanko. The MP said that Saakashvili along with the “new forces” are going to start the recruitment of new people who are willing to serve in Parliament.

“We have an idea of the transitional Parliament, which will work only one year. We want to find 300 people (a constitutional majority of the Parliament – ed.) who have the ambition to change this country. We are all with you, invite them up to 10 points of what to do and they have a clear deadline is one year” – said Derevianko.

“They should be men who do not see themselves on TV. They don’t have to rave the policy, should not see themselves Ministers and presidents – they have to come exclusively for one year. It should be people with attitudes and relevant skills”, he added.

Exactly how Saakashvili is going to undertake in the next Parliament from 300 new people, Derevyanko could not explain.

“We will talk about the mechanism, a public campaign afterwards. Now I tell you only about the goal. We will do different practices and in parallel we will ride, and listen, to meet, chat and so forth,” – said the Deputy.

The chances to implement this plan, the team of former President of Georgia minimum. Recent sociological research group “Rating” predicts that in the next parliamentary elections “Movement new strength” ready to support only 1.3% of voters. The threshold for parties is 5%.

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Of course, new people can expose the candidates on majority districts. However, as practice has shown the last elections on a mazhoritarka more likely to win a serious financial investment candidates, but not new faces.

Saakashvili claims Derevyanko, ready to be transitional Prime Minister. However, this ambition has little chance for implementation. According to the legislation Prime Minister of Ukraine can be only the citizen of Ukraine, and the candidacy of Prime Minister to the Parliament is making the President of Ukraine.

In the summer of Saakashvili deprived of Ukrainian citizenship and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko he has a conflict.

At the same time, the Administration of the President is his tactics in relation to the ex-President of Georgia.

As tell the sources close to Poroshenko, before the New year, the President is very emotionally perceived activities of Saakashvili in Ukraine. But after receiving a letter from him, where he actually admitted the possibility of peace talks, Poroshenko has calmed down.

“He felt that Mike weak. He liked it,” says one of the companions of the President.

One of the representatives of the strategic nines (informal body under the President of Ukraine – ed.) in conversation with TSN.ia recognizes that the tactics the authorities against Saakashvili is the legal component.

“Now you have to be entirely legitimate procedure. Once again to touch him is not necessary. In September he crossed the border illegally. Now the courts, courts and more courts and the fuck out of the country, but not in Georgia”, – the interlocutor assures. This option was rejected once at home, Saakashvili in absentia condemned house and now he’s going to prison. If a politician gets there directly from Kiev, it may worsen Ukraine’s relations with the West. This is surrounded by Poroshenko don’t want to.

Videogiochi Tbilisi court issued sentenced in absentia to Mikheil Saakashvili

Three years in prison for abuse of power given to the ex-President of Georgia. Former head of state was also banned from holding public office for six years. The decision of the Georgian court stated that in 2009, Saakashvili has pardoned four police officers who had been convicted for the murder of banker Alexander Girgvliani.

TSN. 19:30

5 Jan, 20:37

As a possible variant for deportation in the AP consider the Netherlands, where politician’s wife. Dutch foreign Minister Halbe Zijlstra said earlier that his country is ready to accept and even give the President a passport.

That’s only Saakashvili is in no hurry to agree to such a proposal. To become Prime Minister and implement major ambitions there will be much more difficult.

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