Fuchs and Gontareva commented on TSN scandalous revelations Al Jazееra about money Yanukovych

In a statement released by TV channel Al Jazееra scheme of withdrawal of money from the Ukraine by Victor Yanukovych’s environment appears, the former head of the NBU Valery Gontareva, the oligarch Sergey Kurchenko, the people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko and businessman Pavel Fuks. Cash and bonds of domestic government loan transferred to the Cyprus company, and a mediator was precisely the chief banker of Ukraine, which at that time worked in the company Investment Capital Ukraine, said in the story TSN.19:30.

In exclusive comments to TSN, the businessman from Kharkov and Moscow Paul Fuchs denied the purchase of offshore, but said that he had a lot of time out with such a proposal. “What concerns me, is that incorrect, and at the level of rumors. To me that actually offered, I’ve talked about this, and not one person went “on the market”, but further discussion is not gone”, he said and argued that such proposals addressed Kurchenko. “No, Kurchenko I don’t know”, – said the businessman. Fuchs also noted that he never considered the question of the acquisition of the companies associated with that person. “I even the names of the companies learned from the press, and when informed in the press published the names, I do not remember such. I was offered once only to one company,” – said the businessman.

Videopicture the money Yanukovych legalized the then head of national Bank Valeria Gontareva

With a sensational investigation came to the Arab TV channel “al Jazeera”. It tells about the very difficult process of legalization of the funds stolen from the state of Ukraine organized group headed by a former President.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:10

He also denied the existence of General Affairs and the Ukrainian people’s Deputy Onishchenko, in particular, and on the Cyprus offshore. “Never was clearly seen, only when Onishchenko was arrested and then published these documents in the press. Perhaps they were preparing an offer for me, but I don’t even remember if he offered it to me,” explained Fuchs. According to him, mentioned in the investigation of Al Jazееra Cyprus company does not belong to him, and Ukrainian bond he is not, never was, and buying them he has no plans. Myself and Fuchs identificeret exclusively with Ukraine. “Only Ukrainian. The other passports I have,” he said. And materials Arab television entrepreneur explained the interests of competitors. “This is probably the many beneficial. I want to invest in some projects and maybe someone in the way. I think in terms of the investigation against Onishchenko, as I am in these materials, I put” – said Fuchs.

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Onishchenko comment TSN refused, but in an interview with other media also denied the facts stated Jazееra Al. All of this would look like a showdown between the fugitives and the oligarchs, if the Ukrainian government announced the money of a criminal and did not return them to the state budget within the special confiscation. The Prosecutor’s office did not confirm published the Arabic television channel facts, but hinted that a lot of the current powers that be would like to clean up Yanukovych’s money or to cash in on the process.

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Gontareva in an exclusive commentary said that he sees nothing wrong with that passed in debt bonds Treasury bonds to the Ukrainian budget. Despite accusations of complicity, she claims that her company was merely a financial intermediary, and the GPU in this case it is not questioned.

The TSN correspondent Olga Vasilevskaya

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