The controversial ex-mayor of Slavyansk Shtepa was freed from house arrest

The term of house arrest of ex-mayor of the city of Slavyansk Nely Shtepy came to an end. The woman accused of encroachment on Ukraine’s territorial integrity, today, is in no way restricted in movement, says the story TSN.19:30.

The prosecutors say that in advance appealed to the court to extend the arrest, but that during the two sessions this question was not considered. Therefore, on 14 January, the effect of any measure on Shtepa does not apply.

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The last part of the court to Stay consideration of the case recused himself. However, prosecutors intend to seek a different composition of election to the suspect of a new measure.

Videostop free: ended the period of house arrest of ex-mayor of Slavyansk

Prosecutors say they filed a motion to extend the arrest, but the court in the course of two meetings, the petition was never examined. Therefore, on January 14, Nellie Shtepa, no single measure does not apply. Prosecutors intend to apply to the court in the new composition election of the new measure.

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