Due to the “incorrect” ticket Ukrainian won in American lottery $ 5 million

An immigrant from Ukraine, a 46-year-old Oksana Zaharova from the city Edgewater in the U.S. state of new Jersey won the lottery of 5 million dollars. The money she will receive the parts until the end of his life.

A lottery ticket, which had to scrape the protective field, the woman wanted to buy for $ 1 in Manhattan (new York) while shopping. It so happened that the seller accidentally gave her a ticket that cost $ 10 – in terms stated that the winner will receive 5 thousand dollars every week for the rest of his life. About it writes USA Today.

“The seller gave me the “incorrect” ticket. I was not feeling well. Decided to just buy it. Over the next few weeks I used a lottery ticket as a bookmark. And then did escarapela it,” – said Ukrainian.

In the victory she believed not at once.

“I never win anything. Was convinced that this ticket is fake. That’s true and it happened to me, I realized in the office of the lottery operator,” says Oksana Zakharova.

Winnings will be paid in parts. Over the next 19 years – annually for 260 thousand dollars (net after taxes – $ 172 thousand). Will still be one more payment of 60 million dollars (net 39 thousand dollars). But after two decades, the annual payment will amount to 172 thousand dollars until the end of her life.

The first part of winning a woman is planning to spend on a family vacation going to the Bahamas. Also the money will go to the higher education of her two children.

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