In the village near Kiev in a private courtyard in terrible conditions kept the lion

In a private house in Kozin near Kiev held a lion instead of a dog. The film crew of TSN received anonymous letters of neighbors who complain of the unbearable roar of a lion behind a fence. This is stated in the story TSN.19.30.

Neighbors say that the animal in the courtyard has been living for two years. Lion kept in a cage about twenty squares. No animal or human tracks in the yard. It turns out that neither animal walks or people often do not visit.

Video settings the village of Kozin near Kiev on a private yard in horrible conditions kept the lion

The film crew of TSN received anonymous letters to neighbors complaining of the unbearable roar of a lion behind a fence. Say, Mary, but this neighborhood nobody likes. Is it possible to legally keep a predator in the yard, and who can afford it, recognized journalists TSN.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:41

The land on which he lives lion belongs member of Krapivniki. She’s a singer and business lady. Manages to contact her ex-roommate and business partner. According to TSN sources, the couple purchased the lion is still small, call Ed. He stayed with the man.

“You the police? How do you want to influence the situation? When I will receive an official request, I’ll answer it,” said Naum Cohen.

In the Kiev zoo wonder of the situation. Large aviary on the street and the same size inside – this is the minimum that should be such an animal.

“It’s not okay, I’m sorry this lion, because lions are social animals. We have one male and three females, they are in the nature of live similarly, that is, they communicate, they need it,” – said the chief doctor of the Kiev zoo Inna Vasylkivska.

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In winter the courtyard of the lions can reach a maximum of half an hour a day. -12 when no one holds the street of lions.

“A little bit to adapt, but not so, still it is a southern animal,” says animal rights activist Sergei Kharkov.

Because of gaps in the legislation, a private person you can still hold lions. However, legally purchase no.

“Or a smuggling one. They are transported like dogs, euthanized, put in a small box and send. The second option is breeding here on the site, but there are kennels here for the lions and tigers official we have,” says Harkov.

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To respond to such an event has two organizations – the Ministry of natural resources and Netpolice. The zoo only video has already established that the animal is at least maintained.

By TSN correspondent Natalia Goncharova

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