Pleased brought together the laws on privatization of state property and adopted a new General. The nuances of the document

The deputies adopted a new law “On privatization of state property”.

For this decision voted 266 deputies.

It brought together all laws relating to certain types of privatization. Also made changes in codes and laws regarding privatization. The document significantly improves, simplifies and shortens the procedure of privatization.

The explanatory note says that in Ukraine it is necessary to launch a large privatization. Because a lot of state commissioned 50-150 years ago, and the delay in the sale of these properties leads to their further destruction, reduction of investment attractiveness. The state has no sufficient funds for modernization of production, so we need to attract investment and to send these objects for privatization.

Installed a new, simplified classification of objects of privatization objects of small privatization and large privatization, the requirements to buyers of objects of privatization and restrictions on their participation in the privatization, the liability for the inaccuracy, the incompleteness of the documents expanded the range of objects that can be subject to privatization.

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The state property Fund decided on by the hundreds of companies that will send to privatization. Full list

The law specifies that the state objects which are subject to privatization, owns all the objects of state ownership, except for those whose privatization is prohibited directly by this act and other laws of Ukraine. The objects include large-scale privatization of single property complexes of state-owned enterprises and blocks of shares of joint stock companies, the list of which is defined in the procedure approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, on the proposal of the state property Fund approved by the Cabinet. Other objects related to small-scale privatization, their list says the state property Fund.

Lawmakers have prescribed a clear order of privatization of the requirements for the formation and approval of lists of objects subject to privatization, a decision on privatization. To initiate the sale of objects will be able to state bodies of privatization, the competent management bodies, other subjects of management of objects of state property or buyers.

Also provides that state-owned enterprises that send to privatization and which have debt, cannot be declared bankrupt during privatization, and for one year afterwards.

To simplify procedures and increase the investment attractiveness of privatization objects will be sold without land.

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The state property Fund is again preparing for the privatization of the Odessa portside plant, which has a large debt

The privatization of state property will be carried out through the sale of state property at auction including: auction conditions, the auction without, the auction with the lowering of the starting price, the auction method of studying the price proposals and purchase of objects of privatization. Sale of objects of small privatisation implemented at the electronic auctions.

The auction can take place only when applied at least two prospective buyers. If the application is filed by one buyer, the auction shall be deemed failed. However, the buyer will have the opportunity to buy the property at the price he suggested. But the cost cannot be less than start.

During the privatization of socially-cultural appointment will impose conditions on the preservation of their profile. If such objects do not operate more than three years, are in disrepair, they can be redeveloped.


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