The world Bank described as two of the most important reforms that would give Ukraine real growth

The world Bank expects a bill to create an anti-corruption court in Ukraine will be completed subject to international criticism.

In an interview with Reuters said the Bank’s Director for Ukraine, satu Kähkönen.

She welcomed the statement of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko that his bill can be changed after the vote in first reading in Parliament.

“I very much welcome that statement,” said Kähkönen.

Videopresenter EU explained the position concerning the draft law on anti-corruption court of Ukraine

In written comments to the publication “European truth”, he said that the main provisions of the President document, contrary to the recommendations of the Venice Commission. Their Ukraine was provided in October of last year. The establishment of the Anticorruption court, the relevant commitments of the Kiev, it is necessary to fulfill the terms of bizwise.

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“Looking to the future, whether I am optimistic or pessimistic, this will largely depend on what happens with the anti-corruption court and land reform,” she said, answering the question about the overall prospects for Ukraine.

According to Kähkönen, two main reforms “are watched by many people, investors are watching.”

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The world Bank has put forward the requirements concerning anti-corruption court

“These are two reforms that are really important for investment and for investors, and to ensure that Ukraine has started real growth,” said Bank Director.

Kähkönen said that the work on land reform is moving slowly forward, and she was very well prepared. In addition, before the New year, the world Bank has received signals that this reform will be on the agenda of the Ukrainian government in early 2018.

Also Kähkönen said that the world Bank continues working with the government on the comments to the pension reform adopted in October last year.

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Contrary to the obligations. The IMF is dissatisfied with the draft law Poroshenko on the anti-corruption court

We will remind, the President Petro Poroshenko introduced in Parliament a draft law on anti-corruption High court on December 22. The IMF said that the paragraphs of this document are contrary to the obligationsit undertook before the international partners.

In response to what Poroshenko said that the draft law on anti-corruption the Supreme court developed in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine and in accordance with the recommendations of the Venice Commission.

Also at the world Bank believe that the adoption of the law on the anti-corruption court in the wording proposed by Poroshenko, is invalid.


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